Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's too loud! - Headphones to help when things are too noisy

Little Miss M has become progressively more sound sensitive as the years have gone by. We have continually looked for good solutions to help her be as comfortable as possible wherever we are. We have tried disposable ear plugs, but anything in her ear aggravates her sensory systems and they stick to her hair as well.

This year, we purchased her regular, plush headphones from Amazon.com. I got them for $9.99 during a flash sale. They are cute, and Little Miss M loves them and they seem to do the trick. They have a wire that hangs from them as they are music headphones, but that doesn't seem to bother Little Miss M. They will do for now as Little Miss M asks to wear them to church and in the lunch room, but I would like to get something else. When a fan asked about headphones for fireworks and rides at Disneyland I tuned in. There weren't too many suggestions though, so on a hunt I went and here is what I've found.

Liz suggested the Remington brand from the Hunting section at Walmart. I couldn't find them when I searched Walmart.com, but I found these Noise Cancelling Ear Muffs for $14. Not too shabby! 

Heather suggested looking at Therapy Shoppe, as she has had great success with all products she has gotten from them. I found these earmuffs

In looking I found these from National Autism Resources. They were under $20 and looked pretty decent.

Autism-Products.com had these Califone ones that are supposed to be pretty awesome
too and for only $9.99!

I found this link to an article on headphones that parents my find helpful: 

What do you use? Help us create the go-to list. Add your brand or recommendations in the comment section below. Thank you for the help!


Amanda wishes she had a pair of headphones for when the kids are hungry and screaming!

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