Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kids Making Apps Wiggle?

Are little fingers moving apps around your iPad or maybe even deleting them? This is an issue that many people have. We went to our readers for suggestions to answer Dana's question.

Anyone know of any apps or any way to lock apps in their folders so those little ones with wiggly fingers don't move everything around all the time?

Kathy wrote: Not to lock apps into folders, but you can manage guided access. Go to:
Guided Access

Karen said: You can also restrict access so apps can't be deleted. Go to settings, general, restrictions and then slide the deleting apps to off.
Stephanie responded: Both of these work for my kiddos!

Dana commented: Thank you. Those I already use. I am an OT in a school and the iPads are often open for free use in class to encourage initiative and interaction. So even though they can no longer erase apps they are very good at moving them around and messing up my organization. I don't always want guided access.

Tanya stated: You can use guided access to lock them in one particular app.

Stacy replied: I wish! I also wish you could copy apps to have them in more than 1 folder!
Sarah suggested: She could try enabling restrictions through the general settings. I'm not sure if that prevents moving though.

Laura said: Get a Bub Cap you can order them online. You get 5 in a pack. (Note: Bub Caps are placed over the home button that deters children from touching it, but adults can still use the button by using a firm push.)

When all else fails and a true way to lock apps in their place cannot be found, follow Sue's advice:

How old are the wiggly fingers? With preK I would use guided access, with older I would tell them only teachers get to move apps and to always press the home button if apps wiggle. After that iPads go into time out if rules aren't followed.

We do not know of a way to completely lock the apps into their individual folders, but those that commented provided some good tips for restricting access. Good luck on stopping all those icons from wiggling!

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Heather S. has been very productive today!

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