Wednesday, January 15, 2014

When people get it - a story that warmed my heart

Have you had that moment? The one where someone else just got it? Where you met someone who just embraced your special needs loved one for who they were, no explanations needed? If you haven't had that happen yet, I hope you do. Because, in my opinion, there is nothing to excuse about my daughter. There is no explanation I need to give or owe to anyone. She is who she is and she is wonderful.

People do get it. My mom once said to me: I used to get so annoyed by the screaming child in the airport or the store. Then, I became Little Miss M's grandmother, and I learned a whole lot. I no longer judge, I smile.

If you haven't read the story yet about 'Daddy' in seat 16C, you need to and you should share it, a lot. Not only does it show that there are kind and compassionate people in the world, but it shows how much acceptance means to the caregiver.

In the letter the mom says: "So, thank you. Thank you for not making me repeat those awful apologetic sentences that I so often say in public. Thank you for entertaining Kate so much that she had her most successful plane ride, yet. And, thank you for putting your papers away and playing turtles with our girl."

Here's the full story on Go Team Kate blog.


Amanda likes inspiring stories about kindness and immediately wants to share them here. 

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