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Blast off with Top 10 Space Apps -- From learning about the galaxies to rocketing through the alphabet

Last week we brought you Top 10 Apps for Sea Lovers. This week we thought we'd take a trip into outer space with the Top 10 Space Apps. Whether you have a child who loves space, loves all things science, or you are working on a space rotation at school, here are our 10 favorite apps on the subject. We have apps that are full of information about space, stars, planets and even the international space station. And to appeal to children who just love anything space related, we threw in a few games that are out of this world!

There are a ton of space themed apps out there. If there is one that your child absolutely loves that didn't make the list, feel free to share in the comments below.  We also want to give you lists that are useful for you. So if there is a subject matter that you are interested in, let us know.

** Please note: Some of these apps have in-app purchases, but they can easily be disabled in the settings of your device. There are also ads and social network links in some of these apps.

Only the app's developer can control when an app is free or not. All apps that we post as free are verified to be free at the time of this post. We make no guarantees otherwise.**

Apps to learn more about outer space:

Space Place Prime

Lots of child level space lessons. Full of facts, photos, videos and articles.

Space Place Prime is a content presentation app that gathers some of the best and most recent offerings from NASA. A spinoff of NASA’s popular kids’ Space Place website ( or, Space Place Prime has intergenerational appeal. It taps timely educational and easy-to-read articles from the website, as well as daily updates of NASA space and Earth-from-space images and the latest informative videos.

If you would like to download Space Place Prime (FREE, iPad/iPhone), please show your support by using our link:


Articles, photos and videos geared towards older children and adults.

Come explore with NASA and discover the latest images, videos, mission information, news, feature stories, tweets, NASA TV and featured content with the NASA App for iOS.

• Current NASA mission information
• Over 12,000 images (and growing everyday)
• Latest news & feature stories
• On demand NASA Videos from around the agency
• Live streaming of the NASA TV
• Third Rock internet streaming radio
• Launch information & countdown clocks
• Sighting opportunities (visible passes for the ISS)
• ISS and Earth orbiting satellite trackers
• Featured content section
• Latest tweets from around the agency
• Programs section
• Facebook® Connect and Integrated Twitter™ client for easy sharing
• Map, information and links to all of the NASA visitor centers

If you would like to download NASA App (FREE, iPad/iPhone), please show your support by using our link:

by Q Continuum

For the child that craves facts and information, Planets is packed with data. This app shows what stars and planets are currently visible from your location, as well as what time they will become visbile, labels the constellations, and shows 3D globe of the planets and moon.

Sky 2D: locate planets with flat view of sky
• Sky 3D: planetarium style view of the sky
• Visibility: shows times when planets are visible
• Globe: rotating 3D globe of planets and moon

If you would like to download Planets (FREE, iPad/iPhone), please show your support by using our link:

There’s No Place Like Space! (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat)
by Oceanhouse Media

Join the Cat in the Hat as he teaches Dick and Sally all about outer space! Explore pictures and diagrams, learn new vocabulary words, and personalize the story with your own narration. Can you name all eight planets in our solar system?

If you would like to download There's No Place Like Space! ($5.99, iPad/iPhone), please show your support by using our link:

Best ISS Interactive Edutainment 3D
by Corinth

Photorealistic real time interactive 3D model of International Space Station (ISS) in fascinating Earth orbit. Revolutionary new DREAMVIEW introduces interactive 360° spatial viewing. Application also allows rotation/zoom of the three-dimensional model. 

Best ISS 3D is also educational about International Space Station station's structure and modules. Photo and Video galleries include authentic material documenting real operation of the station.

If you would like to download Best ISS Interactive Edutainment 3D (FREE, iPad/iPhone), please show your support by using our link:


Tour the Milky Way, travel through galaxy clusters, and engage in hands-on activities, such as making your own constellation and working a high-tech telescope. 

In this app you’ll learn about: 
• An Introduction to Galaxies
• How Galaxies Are Born
• Clusters of Galaxies
• Telescopes and Discovery
• Kinds of Galaxies
• Galactic Myths and Legends

If you would like to download Galaxies by KIDS DISCOVER (FREE, iPad only), please show your support by using our link:

Discovery Familia Activity Books - Doki Space Activity
by LivoBooks Publishing

The journey through space continues! These educational activities will make children feel like real astronauts.
Games and crafts enhance young children's fine motor skills as well as strengthen cognitive abilities. 
Highlights for the Doki Explores Space Activity Book include: 
- Coloring page featuring intriguing space objects that can be saved to the gallery
- Sticker album for creating unique space scenes
- Spot-the-difference games that develop visual discrimination and spatial perception
- Puzzles that strengthen spatial and mathematical skills
- Memory games with three levels that demand concentration 

If you would like to download Discovery Familia Activity Books - Doki Space Activity ($1.99, iPad/iPhone), please show your support by using our link:

Play games in outer space

Space Voyager Letters: K, First, and Second Grade Vowels, Consonants, Alphabet Order, & Upper/Lower Case
by Mrs. Judd's Games, LLC

Fly rocketships and collect energy for a “letter” journey into space. A glowing green box displays letter/word clues. Answer rings glide into view, and players can drag their finger, tap, or tilt their device to navigate to correct numbers. Player’s choice! Two game modes accommodate to different learning styles: “VOYAGE”: a goal-directed planetary mission using letter/word skills to earn medals, bonus rounds, and added energy for the trek. Trade earned energy points for gold, silver and bronze medals. Replay each level to improve medal status. Perfect scores in a level offer a quick BONUS STAGE with speeding letter rings & point opportunities. “EXPLORE”: a calming uninterrupted free-flight through the same letter/word clues. This meander through the solar system relies on the same skills in order to collect points for new avatars, and rocketships, but without stopping for medals or bonus rounds. Fun facts and information about our solar system, as well as nine letter/word levels of content are in both game modes!

Contains in-app purchases
If you would like to download Space Voyager Letters (FREE, iPad/iPhone), please show your support by using our link:

Angry Birds Space
By Rovio Entertainment Ltd

Angry Birds Space features over 230 interstellar levels on planets and in zero gravity, resulting in spectacular gameplay ranging from slow-motion puzzles to lightspeed destruction. With new in-app purchases, brand new birds, brand new superpowers, and a whole galaxy to explore, the sky is no longer the limit!

Contains in-app purchases
If you would like to download Angry Birds Space (iPad/iPhone), please show your support by using our link:
FREE iPhone Version   $0.99 iPhone Version

Free iPad Version        $0.99 iPad Version

LEGO® Star Wars™: The Complete Saga
by Warner Bros.

Experience the entire collection that combines the original LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game and the sequel LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy for hours of epic Star Wars content and fun gameplay all from your iOS device! 

Begin your adventure in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace and journey through all six episodes in the whimsical style and humor of LEGO. May the bricks be with you!

Contains in-app purchases
If you would like to download LEGO® Star Wars™: The Complete Saga (FREE, iPad/iPhone), please show your support by using our link:

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