Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Top Apps for Achievements and Milestones

We celebrate them, we agonize over them, we track them and we compare them, but it wasn't until we stopped meeting them regularly that I realized what achievements and milestones truly mean. Whether it was first words, first steps, first connection, first tantrum free outing or even something huge like reading their first book, all milestones deserve to be celebrated no matter how long it took to reach them.  A reader asked: "Many times kids with special needs have to work extra hard with certain milestones. When they finally reach one it is a huge reason to celebrate. What are some achievements or milestones your All-Stars have hit that you're particularly proud of? Have any apps helped reach this goal?"

Our Facebook Fans chimed in to share some of their most proud achievements.

Old School Speech said: One of my students who uses the Sono Flex app got in trouble for talking in class! 

Sono Flex is an app that turns symbols into speech.

If you would like to download Sono Flex ($99.99 iPad/iPhone) please support Smart Apps for Special needs by clicking this button: 

Ann said: Pepi Bath helped potty rain painlessly and without much help on our part.

Pepi Bath is a cute app that teaches hygiene, and toileting with cute and interactive characters.

If you would like to download Pepi Bath ($1.99 iPad/iPhone) please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking this button:

Karla said: When my son draws pictures he writes words instead (ex. Instead of drawing a sun he writes the word). The other week he drew an actually image he called Gideon, I cried.

Sheila said: My 4.5 year old with extreme ADHD and speech apraxia gave us our first real kiss this month! Apraxia Ville definitely helped us get there.
Apraxia Ville is an app that is designed to help those with apraxia and difficulty with speech sounds.

If you would like to download Apraxia Ville ($29.99 iPad) please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking this button:

I vividly remember tracking Little Miss M's milestones; those she reached, those she lost, and those that took forever to attain. Then, one day I stopped comparing. I honestly think it was when I had more kids and not enough time to worry about milestones. I celebrated the big ones. The first time she said "Mama," the first time she jumped, and the first time she put her underwear on the right way were all cause for celebration. I also knew when the younger two were very late in reaching certain milestones, such as talking and sitting-up. I didn't use a certain app to achieve milestones like dressing or toileting, but I did use and still use iPad time as reward for desired achievements.

We would really like to expand this list. So, please share in the comments what apps you've used or what milestones and achievements you've celebrated the most.


Amanda does celebrate the milestones that are reached but no longer torments herself over the ones that are not.

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