Monday, February 24, 2014

Featured App: Math Splat - Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Memorizing math facts and increasing math fluency can be a struggle for some individuals with special needs. It is also not always a fun task to practice, but Math Splat can help make it more engaging. Math Splat allows a user to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division math fact fluency by competing against themselves and not against a countdown clock. With three different difficulty levels, this app will provide useful practice to a variety of children.

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Math Splat provides four different levels of practice within three difficulty levels. To complete each of the four levels, a user must do fact fluency practice with each operation and complete a game that incorporates all four. This is a great app for older children that are working on multiplication and division, but who still need practice with addition and subtraction, because users must practice all four operations.

In each activity, there are 21 tiles with numbers shown. Math problems will be shown one at a time, and a child must click on the correct answer tile. A splat of paint will cover a number once it is used correctly. Three mistakes can be made during each game, but it will add three seconds per mistake to the total time.

Children are frequently asked in school to practice math fluency by seeing how many they can complete in a given amount of time. This can be very stressful for some children. Math Splat reverses this idea by allowing a child to complete the entire activity with the app timing to see how long it took them. Then, a child will have the opportunity to replay to beat their own time. This becomes a fun game, instead of a stressful task.

Math Splat will have children engaged in practicing their mental math skills in no time, and it is only $0.99!  

From iTunes:
Math Splat is a simple number based app aimed at helping the user improve their mental math abilities.

The aim of the game is to splat the answers to all the questions as fast as possible. Each game is timed and up to 3 incorrect answer per game are allowed however each incorrect answer will result in a 3 second penalty being added to the final time.

Each level consists of a +, -, x and ÷ game. Once these have been completed the final game of the level is unlocked which must be completed for the next level to be unlocked.

The app is suitable for all abilities as the user can choose between easy, medium and hard questions.

Heather S. is a bit of a geek when it comes to Math. She loves practicing it, and she always has!

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