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Featured App: Zoo Train - All Aboard for Preschool Fun

All aboard for learning! This app by Busy Bee Studios is specifically designed for toddlers and preschoolers. Play five different engaging games targeting letters, word construction, music, matching, shapes, visual spatial skills and more. Children can select which game they want to play from the home screen. Choices include: Train Builder, Word Builder, Track Tycoon, Picture Puzzle, and Whistle Music. A sticker reward system make the games even more exciting. Chug on over the app store and download Zoo Train today.

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Zoo Train offers great variety with 5 different games.  Help the train engine get to the station by completing a series of puzzles in the Picture Puzzles game.  This is a great game for very young children because the pieces just need to get close, and then they automatically fall into place.  The name of the picture is printed and said aloud after each puzzle is completed.

The Whistle Music game will appeal to even the youngest music lovers.  Each note is represented by a brightly colored train whistle.  There are 5 song choices including: Mary Had a Little Lamb, Oh Susana, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, 3 Blind Mice and Row, Row, Row Your Boat.  Watch the whistle play each tune or experiment with a song of your own.

Train Builder allows kids to construct their own zoo train.  Four choices are presented for the engine and each train car.  The train cars are filled with all kinds of silly animals that are sometimes traveling alone and sometimes in a pack.  Once your train is complete you get pick your destination.  Will your train be headed to town, the big city, a farm or along the ocean?  You decide and  watch as your train chugs down the track with all your wacky animals on board.

In the Word Builder game, a train car filled with letter boxes comes down the track.  A little owe must match the letters floating above to the cargo boxes on the train.  Each letter is said aloud when it is placed in the proper place.  When the word has been spelled, a picture of the word appears.

The final game is called Track Tycoon.  Finish the outline by dragging pieces of track to the correct location.  There are several different track designs and your child will put their visual spatial skills to the test to finish the track.  Once you've placed the straight and curved pieces correctly, a train will zip around the track you made.

The games feature positive verbal reinforcement throughout and a fun sticker reward system.  At the end of each game a suitcase appears with sticker choices along the bottom.  Decorate your suitcase to show how much you've learned on the Zoo Train!

Click on this demo video from Smart Apps for Kids for your first ride on the Zoo Train!

From iTunes:

- 5 games teach alphabet & letters, word construction, musical scale & note recognition, matching patterns, recognizing shapes and hand-eye coordination
- A reward-based sticker activity to keep kids motivated as they learn
- A variety of colorful & playful animals & trains
- Fun music & sound effects throughout the games
- Friendly vocal reinforcement of words & letters
- Positive encouragement after correct answers & completed puzzles
- Easy & intuitive interface that doesn’t require instruction


1. Train Builder: Choose your engine, cargo and caboose, then select the background and watch your custom animation
2. Word Builder: Match the letters to create a word. You’re rewarded with a whistle toot and vocal reinforcement of the word you just created
3. Track Tycoon: Drag the missing train track pieces to finish the track, then watch as the train rides along the completed path
4. Picture Puzzles: drag the pieces to complete the image, then hear the picture identified and watch your train move closer towards the station
5. Whistle Music: Play a song on the full-octave train whistles as a freeplay activity, OR listen, watch and play along to any of the included songs
6. Stickers: Stick a prize on your suitcase as you earn your rewards – see how many you can collect!

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