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Free App Alert: GuidedVideo to create personalized lessons! Great for speech-language. Save $30!

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Today's Good Free App is an amazing app for educators of all kinds (including parents)! It allows the user to create lessons on any topic, including a teaching video and individualized choices. Just when I think apps are starting to all seem the same, one comes along that uses the iPad in an entirely different way.

It's appropriate for a wide age range, and can be used to teach important life and job skills along with academic content. Read on to learn more and download! Don't wait too long, though--save $30 and get it FREE right now!

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GuideThis app has so much good educational potential! It's not hard to set up an activity, but it did take a little bit of time for me to figure out all steps. There's a tutorial built in to the app, but it's far better for users to watch a how-to video on the developer's website.

You can use the device's camera to record videos and take pictures right in the set up. Or, pictures can be used from the camera roll. It's easy to find images on Google images or to take pictures of things in the environment, depending on the desired lesson.

The premise and possibility of this app has me very excited. It's a great way to create activities for any topic desired, for any age of student. And at the current price of FREE, I recommend all parents and educators download now.

From iTunes:
Guide2Create a video of yourself asking a question and use your own photos as the buttons your student taps in response.

Get your student to pay attention to any subject like it is his favorite.

Use your knowledge of what interests your student to create a video providing auditory and visual reinforcement that plays when your student taps the correct button in response to your question.

See demonstration at

Designed for Guided Access. No visible navigation controls to distract your student.

...Maximum of 12 possible answers presented for a question
...Number of questions is limited only by device’s available storage
...Answers presented in random order
...All possible answers are always visible during and after the question plays
...Option to repeat a question, depending on the answer
...Questions can be grouped by subject
...Number of subjects is limited only by device’s available storage
...Record a video (for a question or for a post-answer reinforcement) using the device’s camera, or use a video existing on the device’s camera roll
...Take a photo (to label an answer button) using the device’s camera, or use a photo existing on the device’s camera roll

...Life skills
...Social stories
...Vocational training

See examples at

* * * * * "Useful for Non-Verbal Students. Helps to demonstrate what my students have learned."

* * * * * "Perfect for my child with autism."

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Heather H. may make herself a video to learn correct procedure for writing IEPs.

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