Thursday, February 6, 2014

Free App Alert: Lipa Bear app reduced from $2.99 to FREE

Bella Bear needs your help to find her things. This app features a cute little bear in basic receptive language games to address vocabulary. The target words are presented both verbally and in written form to help build early literacy skills. Explore four levels of vocabulary including nouns, colors, actions and emotions.  Children must identify a word from a field of three choices. Verbal and animated reinforcers help maintain interest. Lipa Learning apps are designed for toddler and preschool aged children and feature cute characters, music and animation.  This developer has dropped the price of Lipa Bear from $2.99 to FREE for the month of February.

If you would like to download Lipa Bear for the discounted price (iPhone/iPad, Free during the month of February), please use the link provided:

 ****Only an app's developer can control when an app is free.  All apps posted are verified to be free at the time of the post.  We make no guarantees otherwise.******
This app contains no ads or in-app purchases.  There are external links to other apps by this developer and a gated parent section contains links to social media and the Lipa Website.

From iTunes:

FREE Game of the Month... Lipa Bear is available FREE to download until the end of February! 

Help! Bella Bear needs you to help her find her things… 

Help Bella become a happy little bear by matching words and images to find her things. She has lost her cat, her doll, and many other things! Can you use your Language skills to find them for her? 
 · Lipa Bear is designed to encourage your child to explore and develop their Language skills 
· The use of simple eye-catching images of everyday items enables children to quickly identify them in both the virtual and real worlds 
· Children learn to relate words with images promoting self-development and progression on a communicative level 
· Fun environments and colorful graphics are used to stimulate children’s moods and enjoyment whilst learning 
· Rewards are achieved as progress is made maintaining your child’s interest to keep playing and learning 

Recommended age: 2-4 years 

Lipa Learning: Language game 
The Language learning area enables children to discover the wonderful world of words, sounds and symbols as well providing the tools they need to communicate effectively. This could entail spelling practice, new vocabulary, pronunciation and many other areas. Language works towards Reading and Writing skills as well as Understanding - it’s no good learning a language if you don’t understand it! 

Lipa Learning is an award winning company developing fun educational apps for children in their early learning years. We deliver the highest standard in education and fuse it with entertainment, higher order thinking skills and real world learning experiences to ensure your child gets the maximum from our games. Focusing on a specific skill, each game enables children to master that skill before moving on to the next. This unique approach coupled with our organic curriculum, is designed to allow children to grow at their own pace, guiding them through their learning adventure with care and attention to ensure they develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Why parents will love our apps? 
· An organic learning experience to support your child’s entire development 
· A learning adventure which your child will love 
· Develops skills for life, securing your child’s lifelong love of learning 
· Encourages your child in a fun, safe environment 

Why children will love our apps?
 ·Learning how it was supposed to be 
· Cute characters and fun animations 
· Structured rewards to motivate learners 
· Engaging apps children will want to play again and again

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