Monday, February 3, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Kung Fu Skeeter - get up and move to smash those skeeters

Shake off those winter blahs and get your kids moving!  KungFu Skeeter is an app that uses shadow touch technology to trigger actions on the iPad screen.  Use your best KungFu moves to squish those nasty mosquitoes.  Kids will have a giggling good time, while practicing visual spatial skills, cause/effect, counting and more.  I have my speech students practice "target" words as they squash bugs.  Incorporating movement into our speech activities helps tremendously.  You can watch, save and share your best "skeeter" squishing moves.  Fine family fun, and it's FREE.

If you would like to smash a few skeeters, please download KungFu Skeeter (iPad only, FREE) using the link provided:

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No ads or in-app purchases.  There are external links to a "how to play" Youtube video and you can share your bug smashing prowess on Facebook if you choose to do so.


Tablets are amazing educational tools, but we know that kids also need movement and exercise to grow and learn.  Kung Fu Skeeter combines technology and movement in one seriously fun app.  Simply prop your iPad up in portrait and stand back about 5 feet.  Tadami Shadow Touch technology allows you to wave your hands or kick your feet to squish bugs on the screen.  My kids think it's funny to use foam swords from the dollar store to smash the skeeters.  Kids can really work up a sweat going after those bugs while building visual spatial and cause/effect skills.  I also target spatial concepts, following directions, simple math and even articulation practice using this app.

Under settings, you can view tips for making the most of the app.  Adjustments can be made to make it easier or more difficult to smash the bugs and you can also change the length of the practice mode.  There is also a parental passcode that can be enabled from this screen.

After each mosquito fighting battle, you can play back the video.  My students love watching themselves on the screen, and they also see how they could move differently to achieve a higher score.  If we've been practicing a target sound, they get auditory feedback of themselves producing the words and can engage in some self-assessment.  This is one of the most student requested apps I've ever downloaded and it's free.

All the videos store in a gallery and can be watched over and over.  My students love to see how much they have improved throughout the year.  Videos can also be uploaded to Facebook.  It would be nice if there was a way to e-mail them, but that is not a feature at this time.  Kung Fu Skeeter is still one of my favorite apps.  I've shared it with many friends and co-workers. Adults love it just as much as kids.  

  From iTunes:
***Must have an iPad w/camera to play*** 

 It’s Skeeter time. Skeeter SQUASHING time that is. 

 Prop up your iPad, stand back, and waves those arms in the air to see how many Skeeters you can squash! Watch out for swarm mode when those suckers get serious. Let’s see your skeeter squashing flare while you attempt to smash every last dive-bombing pest. Capture your sweet Kung-Fu moves on video and send to your friends or just watch yourself over and over in all your heroic glory. 

Shadow touch technology unlocks a whole new way to play with your iPad. Stand your iPad up, step back, and watch your movements trigger actions on the screen. 

 Fun Featutres: 
- Shadow Touch makes for some active skeeter squashing. Stand back! 
- Video-enabled game play captures you in action! 
- Watch, save, and share your awesome Skeeter videos with friends 

 Tadami Video Playground 
Kung-Fu Skeeter is powered by the Tadami Video Playground where you can play games, create fun videos, and share within trusted groups. Find out more: 

Sarah's high score on Kung Fu Skeeter is 15, but the only people who have ever seen her fight the swarms are under the age of 7.

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