Saturday, February 1, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Lazoo Squiggles

I have had Lazoo Squiggles on the iPad for a long time.  I remember downloading it, having a play, being impressed and then forgetting about it!  I can't believe I did that because it is brilliant!  It encourages kids to follow instructions, draw squiggles and then animates the pages.  Hours of entertainment -- and not just for the kids!  The best thing about the app?  It's FREE and GOOD, which is what makes Lazoo Squiggles our Good Free App of the Day!

If you'd like to download Lazoo Squiggles (FREE, iPad/iPhone) please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking this button:


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The value of squiggles is often underestimated.  Our writing is made up of curves and competently making squiggles is an important early writing skill to master.  Lazoo Squiggles combines this skill with another important skill -- following instructions.  What I love is that kids think that they are just playing a fun game, but in fact they are learning foundation skills.  The squiggles don't have to be exact; therefore, it is a great game for children with fine motor delays to practice writing skills. Using a stylus would also allow children to practice their ability to manipulate a pencil. 

From iTunes:
Pictures come to life with "Squiggles!", a revolutionary new educational drawing app for young children.

A child’s simple hand-drawn squiggle can become a bird’s nest, rocket smoke, cotton candy, sheep’s wool, a curly beard, and more! Simply squiggle away to complete Lazoo’s internationally award-winning art. Then hit the GO button and watch drawings soar, pulsate, move, twirl, and multiply.

Save your child’s creations in the app, then upload them to Lazoo’s secure digital treasure chest or email them to family and friends!

Includes an amazing interactive storybook and animated short featuring Lazoo’s adorable characters, Bobu and Miku, who model creative thinking and encourage children to use their imaginations and “color outside the lines.”

• 15 unique “living” animated drawing pages
• Drawing palette including stickering, chalk, mystery color, ketchup tool, and more
• Animated short with Bobu and Miku


Odd Socks Mummy shouldn't have complained about the heat last week -- it has been cold and raining and we have been stuck inside for the last few days.  Not the way she wanted to end the school holidays.

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