Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Learn Spanish by Skoolbo - easy to learn Spanish and fun to play

Interested in learning another language in a fun way? Learn Spanish by Skoolbo is a brand new app that will be FREE for a limited time!  For the month of February, you can download this app for FREE, listen to Spanish vocabulary, play games to practice and earn achievements. With many categories of vocabulary, Learn Spanish by Skoolbo makes it easy to find words to learn and use.

If you would like to download Learn Spanish by Skoolbo (Free for limited time, iPad/iPhone), please Support Apps for Special Needs by using our link:

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External link to other apps on iTunes. The parent section is not completed yet, so I am not sure if it will contain any other links.
Learn Spanish by Skoolbo tracks progress and allows a user to see how they are progressing. The parent section is not completed yet, and it states that it is "coming soon".  This app is designed for five year olds and up, but I would suggest that the games may be too difficult for a five year old, but they could easily listen to the words.

From iTunes:
Opening special - Free for February!!
The most fun way to learn Spanish! While this app has been specially designed for children aged 5 to 14, learners of all ages will find it beneficial. Learning Spanish improves vocabulary, grammar, speaking and listening skills.

Key learning features
* Fun and engaging
* Immediate feedback and support
* High volume and fast paced
* Anywhere, anytime learning – a few minutes each day is all you need!
* Rewards – great inbuilt rewards to motivate
* Highly meaningful reporting and analytics
* Data Driven – All aspects of Skoolbo are continually monitored and refined to maximise learning.
* Comprehensive – More than 1,200 words and phrases.
* Offline mode – does not require connectivity to play

There are over 1,200 words and phrases split into the following categories:
* Basic expressions
* Colors
* Numbers
* Making friends
* Days / Months / Seasons
* Polite expressions
* Shopping phrases
* Animals
* Clothes and Accessories
* Communication difficulties
* Weather
* Family and Friends
* Ordinal numbers
* Civilities
* School 
* Sports
* Travel and Transport
* Technology
* Feelings
* Around Town
* Food and Drink
* House and Home
* Work
* Asking for directions
* Sport and Play
* Emergencies
* Work 2
* Health
* Entertainment and Media
* Geography

Enjoy and we wish you the best of luck with learning Spanish!

Heather S. wishes she used Spanish on a more regular basis, so she felt more comfortable speaking it.

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