Friday, February 28, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Lego Friends Story Maker - write and save a story

Pick scenery, choose characters, add props and write stories using words or record them with your voice. Each page can be something new and different, and each story can be saved and shared. There is so much to do in this free app, and it features the enchanting Lego Friends. There is so much potential in this app for imagination and to make a variety of stories. Upon completing a story, the author can save it to their iBooks shelf and read it again and again.

If you would like to download Lego Friends Story Maker (Free, iPad Only), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking this button:



This app is super cute and really open-ended, which I love. Little Miss M wrote a story about the giant girl and her tiny friend. This was inspired because she could stretch the characters and shrink them as well by dragging. She wrote another story about classmates putting on a play. There are so many different choices and combinations possible to use to create truly unique and exciting stories.

This app can be used in groups with each person doing their own page, for interactive play or for social stories. The possibilities truly seem to stretch as big as the user's imagination. I am always excited to read or listen to whatever stories my children may create.

From iTunes:
Designed for creative minds of all ages, LEGO Friends Story Maker offers hours of LEGO fun.

Become the author of beautiful multimedia stories using simple tools like drag & drop, stamps, voice recording, backgrounds, frames, and page captions. You can even take pictures of your own amazing creations to capture stories as you build!

* Mix and match 100+ Sets, Friends, pets and accessories for limitless storytelling fun!
* Choose from 10+ Heartlake City page backgrounds, or take a photo of your own scene.
* Drag and drop Mia, Emma, Andrea, Stephanie, Olivia, and others.
* Rotate and scale your favorite sets and accessories just the way you want
* Choose from five different stamps - music, butterfly, pawprint, heart, and star.
* Decorate each page with one of 10 colorful frames.
* Manage page order, edit & delete pages, and add new pages using the nifty Book Manager.
* Record voice for each page for a rich storytelling experience.
* Type text and choose from seven colors.
* Publish your story to iBooks so friends and family can experience them.

Amanda loves Lego apps mostly because they 
don't involve tiny pieces connecting with her bare feet in the dark of the night.

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