Saturday, February 8, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: LEGO Juniors Create and Cruise

Today's Good Free App of the Day is LEGO Juniors Create and Cruise. My kids have loved this app since I first downloaded it over a year ago.  The simple game play and easy to follow directions makes it is suitable for any age.  I must admit that I also enjoy playing it!  Recently, the app was upgraded and renamed to LEGO Juniors Create and Cruise and I like what I see!

If you would like to download LEGO Juniors Create and Cruise (Free, iPad and iPhone), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking this button:



The game starts with the child (or adult!) choosing the body of the car they want to drive, and then choosing the wheels and character to drive.  The first time the app is used, there is only one item in each category, but you earn more by gathering coins along the track.  Driving the car is as simple as pressing a single button on the screen to make the car move forward; steering is automatic.  Upon completion of the track a LEGO set is displayed for the child to put together.  These sets are then integrated into the scenery on the next drive through.  If the trophy on the start page is touched, the child is able to choose to just make these sets.

LEGO Juniors Create and Cruise is great for children with special needs, as it is simple to use, does not require any reading ability and is fun!  The building of the LEGO sets presents the child with a simple puzzle that requires them to match the blocks with their outlines, which helps to build spatial awareness and early pattern recognition.  Did I also mention that it is fun?

From iTunes:
In LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise, children age 4-7 can use their imagination to create their very own LEGO® vehicles and minifigures. 

Cruising for coins will unlock virtual LEGO® sets that can be built with a few easy touches - and which will become part of the game’s colourful 3D scenery for your child’s next drive-through. 

Create & Cruise provides plenty of inspiration for real-life LEGO® builds and imaginative play scenarios you can talk to your child about - like why the pretty princess is driving a police car that has legs instead of wheels. 

*Bright, fun and friendly animations and soundtrack 
*Intuitive icons and navigation for easy gameplay 
*Virtual building with LEGO® bricks 
*No in-app purchases 
*No third-party advertising 
*No links to websites


Odd Socks Mummy is so happy that Chatterbox is sad that she ISN'T going to school on the weekend - at her old school she was sad everyday that she HAD to go to school!

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