Friday, February 7, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Match the Dots - fun game of matching colors

Match the Dots is a fun and simple game that requires the player to match colors next to each other. For kids who need to work on colors, matching and fine motor skills, such as pointing and dragging, this app would be perfect. When each level is completed, stars are given and positive noises are made. Some levels require players to eliminate a certain number of specific colors, while others are timed. Each level is different and can be replayed as many times as you wish to achieve higher scores and receive higher stars.

If you would like to download Match the Dots (iPad/iPhone, FREE) please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking this button:

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With over 100 free levels and bright, distinguishable colors, this app is sure to engage those little fingers. This app also has a mode for those that are color blind. Instead of just colored dots, each dot has corresponding shapes inside. The dots are connected by dragging your finger across the screen. For those working on using a point and hand-eye coordination, this would be really helpful.

Match the Dots is enjoyable for kids and adults of all ages, and can be used as much more than just a game.

From iTunes:
 The aPOPcalypse is here - are you ready? 

IceMochi brings you an ALL-NEW, ALL-FREE dot-matching game! Connect the dots to beat each level, but don't run out of moves or time!

Prepare to become an UNPOPPABLE master of matching:
- 100+ COMPLETELY FREE levels!

Think you're ready to be a POPfessional?
- Connect BIG GROUPS of dots for bonus points!

But don't get too DOTty now...
- We've got a sleek game board for a SUPER-SMOOTH experience!

It's time to get POPular and we're right on the DOT:
- Make huge lines of dots to win HIGH-SCORE levels!
- Don't let the clock run out in TIMED levels!
- Match up the correct colors and you'll have COLLECTION levels beat!
- Want to know more? Earn stars to unlock TEN hidden modes!



Amanda likes to match dots. It's fun and relaxing!

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