Monday, February 10, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Sam Phibian - Feed Sam while practicing colors, numbers, and more.

Sam is one hungry little frog with a very specific diet.  He needs your little ones to feed him the correct number and color of bugs for each meal.  Mr. Alligator is just waiting to snap him up, if Sam doesn't get exactly what he needs.  This delightful app targets colors, numbers, sorting, matching, fine motor skills and following directions, while producing big belly laughs.  The difficulty level increases as the game progresses, which makes it challenging and fun.  Children will love taking care of Sam and seeing the silly things that happen when he gets too much food or eats one of the crazy things flying around his swamp.  See how many meals you can give Sam before the alligator gets his meal!

If you would like to download Sam Phibian (iPhone/iPad, FREE) please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using the link provided:

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Don't let Sam get too big for his lily pad.  A menu for each meal will appear that tells you exactly what how many bugs Sam needs to eat and what color they should be.  As your child touches a bug, Sam's tongue will reach out and eat it.  If his dietary needs are met, you move onto the next meal.  If he eats too much of the wrong bugs or objects, he falls off his lily pad into the water.

This app is great for working on color and number identification, but it can also work on beginning subtraction, fine motor, categorizing and following directions.  I have my students verbally tell me their "plan" for feeding Sam for each meal.  A graphic at the bottom of the screen keeps track of your progress, so I often ask specific questions like, "How many more blue bugs do you need?"  We can also work on sequencing words like first, next, last, etc.   

There are many educational targets that can be addressed within this app, but kids will just be having fun.  There are some pretty crazy things flying around the swamp and it's hilarious to see what happens to Sam when he eats things like red peppers or even underwear.  The game does become more difficult, and I love to see my students work together to reach the next level.  Sometimes, I assign a specific color to each player and they need to use teamwork to feed our friend Sam.

Want to see Sam in action?  Check out this video by the developer, 3CD.


Sarah once had a student who laughed so hard that he fell off his chair while playing Sam Phibian.  

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