Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pinterest Board of the Week: Quotes and Inspiration

Smart Apps for Special Need's is much more than just apps. We strive to offer resources, inspiration, stories from our All-Stars, and therapy ideas. We have plenty available on our website and even more ideas on our Pinterest boards at Each week we are going to be highlighting a board we have created. This week we chose to feature Quotes and inspiration.

Our Quotes and Inspiration board is full of more than just memes. We have links to videos, articles, stories, and of course various quotes. Some are funny, while others will really melt your heart. There is a mix of what we feature on our blog, as well as ones we find on Pinterest and from other blogs we enjoy -- yes, we love reading other blogs.

Do you have a favorite quote? A funny or inspirational story? Let us know and we'd love to feature you or add your pin to our board. If you are ever feeling a little overwhelmed, scroll through our pins and hopefully you will be able to find the emotional pick me up you need.

Rachel H's quote of the day comes from her 7 year old after eating lunch, "My fingers taste like butter. I like it."

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