Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Review: BeBop Blox - Fun and Colorful Puzzles with a Great Beat!

Purpose of App: To assemble a variety of 3D puzzles with adorable shape blocks by dragging them to the shadowed shape from the conveyor belt in an entertaining and engaging way.

Strengths: The puzzles are fun shapes to construct, the colors are bright, The Bops are adorable, the background music is entertaining and the app is very engaging.

Weaknesses: The puzzles are not leveled by difficulty and there is no way to track which puzzles have been accomplished. Also, the shapes rotate by on a conveyor belt, so patience must be used if the necessary pieces do not appear first.

Suggested Audience: This app is great for those just learning to use the tablet, those who need practice with pointing and dragging and those who are working to match shapes and see how smaller pieces make a bigger concept.

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Level of Customization

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When a user first opens this adorable app, he is greeted with the scatting rhythms of The Bops who want him to choose which puzzle he will build first. Whether an elephant, a whale or a train is chosen -- a child will be excited to drag the blocks into place. Each block has a singing member of The Bops inside and makes a different repetitive sound as it is put in the puzzle. Pieces travel past on the conveyor belt, so patience must be used!

If you are working with someone who is just learning how to use the iPad or who is working on pointing and dragging, this app would be perfect. Once a player builds the final puzzle, they will be rewarded with the full ensemble singing away. Click on a block to turn a certain sound on a off. Then, celebrate with The Bops as confetti is sprayed from four different colored cannons over your competed puzzle.

I wish there was a way to track completed puzzles and ways to see how long each puzzle took or some other measurable way to see how the player was doing with puzzle construction. It would also be nice if the names of the puzzles weren't only said, but they were written out and reiterated at the completion of the puzzle. If there were more customization features in this app, I would have had to give it five-stars, because it is such a fun and engaging way to work on construction with three dimensional figures.

This app has been a favorite in our house from the day we downloaded it. From my eight-year old to my 21-month old, they each enjoy making the puzzles. Baby-Z is definitely the most entertained and I have watched her truly learn and understand how to match up shapes as she uses this app more and more. I've even been pleasantly surprised to see her patiently wait for puzzle pieces to come into view. This is one of Baby-Z's top pick apps, but K-Bear and Little Miss M certainly like it too!

Little Miss M's Corner

I think this app is fun. I really like the confetti that booms. I learned that you can build with lots of different blocks and get ready for building with real blocks. My favorite puzzle was the duck. I would probably play this app every day even though it's my baby sister's favorite app.

From iTunes:
*From the team at Originator - the creators of Sesame Street's Monster at the End of This Book, and Another Monster at the End of This Book. Originator was founded by a team of passionate Artists and Engineers formerly of Callaway Digital Arts.*

Meet The Bops in BeBop Blox! These adorable little creatures play and sing inside blocks that are built into awesome shapes like trains, elephants, and submarines! It's the most delightful musical block-building puzzle game ever.

Develop problem solving skills, hand eye coordination, and fine motor abilities as your child explores the world of BeBop Blox. Free their creativity on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch!


Amanda finds herself setting off the adorable confetti cannons while bopping along to the beat.
Little Miss M is eight years old and diagnosed with Autism, Epilepsy, ADHD, Developmental Coordination Disorder and many medical issues. She represents a piece of our target audience.

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