Monday, February 3, 2014

Technology is Empowering - A touching commercial

Technology is touching our lives and our world in magnificent ways! Individuals are able to walk, talk, hear and complete other tasks they thought they may never do, and technology has made it all possible. It is absolutely wonderful to see all the advances that have occurred over the last few years. Can you imagine where we will move to next?

There are so many great commercials that come out for that one grand day of football a year. Some are funny, while others are serious.  Some may make you shake your head, while others will touch your heart. Microsoft released a great video this year, titled Empowering that is a must-see.

Technology really is empowering people in many ways. It mentally empowers individuals to accomplish tasks and to get their ideas out in a spectacular way. It physically empowers others to complete tasks that their body could not have done on its own.

See the technology wonders in this commercial, and then let us know how technology has empowered you in a comment below.

Read more of Microsoft's empowering stories here.

Heather S. is in awe of the power of technology and what it can do for people. 

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