Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Top Apps to Inspire Imagination

Imagination is such an important part of development. It's very easy to get lost in the black and white world where there is often a right and wrong answer or a set way of doing something. These skills are important too, but imagination helps individuals to find new ways of solving problems, enhances communication skills and makes learning an adventure. Little Miss M has a great imagination, but often needs a little prompting or story background to get her going. I love to download apps for her that get her imagination stimulated and inspired.

Sticker Dolly Dress-up ($2.99 - iPad only)
We actually downloaded this app after using all the stickers in the tangible books in a short time period. The girls love to dress and re-dress the dolls and then move them all about creating stories as they go. Little Miss M often can be overheard having them talk to each other and  then change their outfits.

Bean Bag Kids Little Red Riding Hood ($2.99 - iPhone/ iPad)
We are big theater lovers, so this app was a hit right away. Dress-up your actors, arrange them on a stage and act out a show? Little Miss M was squealing with delight and continues to enjoy this app over and over again.


Toca Birthday Party Play Time ($2.99 - iPhone/iPad)
This is the cleanest birthday party you will ever go to! Choose a cake and set the table for three guests. Pick a present and have a party for whoever you invite. This is a great app to engage multiple children in a pretend birthday party scene.


Cake Doodle ($0.99 - iPhone/iPad)

There are so many different kinds of cakes to choose from and just as many decorations. My girls love playing chef and baking me cakes of every flavor and shape and variety. They often times play this app and then draw me a cake on paper or ask to help in the kitchen. They also transfer the skills they've learned from playing this app to playing in their pretend kitchen and engaging friends and dolls.

Lego Friend Story Maker (Free - iPad only)
This app is designed to create a story book. The user adds characters, scenery, text and sounds to each page. Little Miss M does both. She will create full length picture stories, as well as stories with text. Sometimes she stays on one scene and just has the characters interact back and forth. My five year old does this with her tangible figurines and always has, but Little Miss M didn't really start this pretend play skill until after she had engaged with various apps.

Toca Builders ($2.99 - iPhone/iPad)
This app is so much fun. The user builds structures in a 3D world. What I loved most was watching girls play this app and then almost immediately ask for their Legos, Duplos and Mega Blocks. They made the connection without us. While they were once tied to the instruction booklets that came with the sets, thanks to Toca Builders, they understood they could create whatever they desired.

What apps do you love that inspire imagination? Please share in the comments below.


 Amanda thinks imagination is one of the most precious gifts you can nurture and inspire.

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