Friday, February 14, 2014

Use your words to make someone feel loved

It is remarkable how much a simple phrase can mean the world to a child.  My son has dealt with mild to moderate speech delay from the beginning. I have lost count of how many times I have encouraged and flat out begged him to use his words. As a parent, however, I have to remind myself sometimes to use my words to help make sure my kids feel loved. So from an enthusiastic, "Wow," to a supportive, "it's ok, we all make mistakes," we put together some basic phrases to help remind us all to use our words.
There are so many ways to make someone feel loved. From focusing on an action or on a character trait, kids respond best to specific praises. Expand, "Great job!" to be, "Great job on your spelling test."  Be as specific as possible. Also, it is easy to feel loved and special when you succeed, but often, it is in times of failure when a kid needs to feel loved the most. So throw out an extra encouraging, "great try" or "I love your persistence."  Oh, and don't forget the simple and straight forward, "I love you."

Rachel H loved her son's willingness to go to a sensory friendly movie with the rest of the family even though he was nervous it would still be too loud.

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