Sunday, February 16, 2014

Why do special needs kids take to technology like a fish to water???

Amy wrote : Why does my special-needs child, who needs help and lots of extra time and repetitions and breaking-down-into-little-steps with almost all other areas of learning, take to technology like a fish to water? He learns it faster than I do!

Catharina replied : Maybe because it requires few or none emotional, social or communicative skills?

Lynne said : Mine does too, he knows more about my Ipad than I do.

Jeannine commented : I have the same thing with my son. I have noticed that since I got apps and required them as part of his school work he has been having trouble with them. I wonder if it could be performance anxiety. I have noticed that most kids on the spectrum and with LD also are perfectionists and get upset about making mistakes, especially if it means they have to start over.

Amy replied to Catharina: Our son has Down syndrome, is not on the spectrum

Cas commented: Amy, my daughter has Down Syndrome and she can play minecraft better than I can! And she's only 7 LOL

Catharina added: Mine is not on the spectrum either, but games that requires just a few of the areas of the brain, requires also a smaller ability to be able to connect information and do complex thinking. It is also an advantage to be able to not worry about what can go wrong- I think that's where adults often mess it up Kids just do it. Agree on the anxiety-part. As soon as they are connecting something with school, things starts to go wrong...

Bridget thought: It may have to do with the stimulation that he receives when he uses the technology. Think of all the senses that he gets to use. Touch, Sound, Slight (Usually bright colors.) Does he receive OT for Sensory Integration Disorder?

Bridgette mentioned: Same and my Guy receives no OT wizard with Technology

Jennifer commented: Because you can predict technology. It doesn't have variables like human emotion etc.

Juliana said: No emotions, controllable and instant action-reaction for our kids.

Liz replied: I attend some training on Autism today and this very question was raised. The reason the lecturer gave was that technology is predictable: if you press this button – this happens every time. The reaction of the piece of technology doesn’t change and therefore it is much easier to learn than skills in other areas.
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