Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Good Free Musical Drawing App for Kids 4-8: Color Band

Drawing and music come together perfectly in this fun and creative app. Each color makes a different sound. Draw a picture from scratch or use a template provided, and then get ready to hear a masterpiece.

Color Band is perfect for kids from about 4-8, but I had just as much fun as a preschooler testing it out. You can draw, play, and direct in Color Band. Don't miss getting this app on the iPad for young musicians to explore.

If you would like to begin drawing musical pictures, please download Color Band (iPad Only, FREE) and support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using our link:


App-Warning-noADS-IAP-ELThere are in-app purchases to buy more canvases and instruments, but what is free can be used repeatedly. External links are behind a parental lock and lead to iTunes and social media.

What's free? 12 instruments, including voice recording; five canvases with pictures started; one blank canvas.
Colorband4Choose a blank canvas or a template picture, then choose an instrument and its corresponding color to draw with. Add in a little bit of drums with some piano and guitar to make a masterpiece of a song. There is even the option to record your own voice into the drawing! 

Making the picture play is my favorite part of this app! Use a finger to strum different notes or have the music box play all of the sounds from left to right. For some real fun, use the camera to track hand movements in front of the screen to play the sounds. 

Pictures can be saved for later, but this saves on the canvas used, so it will have to be erased in order to start over and make more musical pieces. 

Color Band is a very fun app to bring out creativity in kids!

Colorband1From iTunes:
Have you ever dreamt of painting a picture with sounds?
Play sounds without even tounching the iPad?

Now the dream comes true with ColorBand !!
ColorBand not only allows you to play sounds in mid air using the iPads built in camera but is also a complete sound sandbox and art creation tool packed full of fun for you and your kids.

Colorband3We all know children love to create and ColorBand gives them the tools to let their imaginations run free. This is the perfect way to introduce the young ones to music creation and art. Painting will never be the same!

Over 80 different interactive colors. Each one with a unique sound that represents an instrument or an effect. After you've finished your drawing, play it using the iPads built in camera, by touch, or by automatic playback. You can also have ColorBands cute mascot bunny "Lalabee" dance along to your creations.

Your kids will love it !!

Colorband2- Interactive canvas with easy to use tools.
- 80+ professional recorded instruments and sound effects.
- Record your own sounds.
- Camera based motion-control.
- Touch and auto playback mode.
- Play with interactive character- Lalabee.

Welcome to ColorBand!
ProfilePicHeather S. hates drawing, but she had a lot of fun playing with this app.

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