Saturday, March 8, 2014

Appcessories - using tangible tools to enhance the learning experience - spotlight on Tiggly Safari

Back in November I wrote a review for the Tiggly apps and the adorable shapes that go along with them. I really wanted to follow-up on the review as Baby-Z has been using these tools almost daily. She is 21 months old and her verbal skills are emerging. She labels things occasionally but is not truly motivated to do so. That is, until I introduced her to Tiggly Safari. The shapes retail for $29.95 and include a circle, square, triangle and star. It appears that they are shipping free within the United States if the code SHIPNOW is entered.

Tiggly Safari is a multi-leveled, shape discovery activity which engages children through their creatively developed tangible shapes. Baby-Z actually requests "Tiggly" and now says the names of the shapes and many of the animals she has discovered in the app.

If you would like to download Tiggly Safari (Free iPad), please support Smart Apps for Special Need by clicking this button:


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Tablets are expensive, there is no argument about that. So, I can totally relate when parents and caregivers don't want to spend a lot of extra money on apps or accessories. However, sometimes it is totally worth it! We have test drove these shapes for almost five months now and I can truly say, in my opinion, they are worth the investment. Baby-Z is not a gentle child, by any means. In fact, she breaks just about everything she plays with and touches, but these shapes have proved indestructible thus far. She is teething, so she chews on them pretty consistently as well but they have really held up to her rigorous testing.

What I found most remarkable was watching the pieces click in her head. She went from throwing any shape at the app she could touch to recognizing and seeking out the correct shape to verbalizing the word for the correct shape. In addition, because she adores Tiggly Safari so much (and so do I), she has begun to say the animals names. The process has been very exciting to watch and it makes me wish Tiggly made punctuation appcessories or math symbol appcessories to benefit every child in our household.

If you are looking for help with shapes, animals, labeling, identifying, or engagement, I really encourage you to check out the Tiggly brand and their shapes.

Amanda never gets to play with the Tiggly shapes if the kids are awake because they always steal them from her!

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