Friday, March 21, 2014

FREE APP ALERT! Discovering Emotions with Zeely ($19.99 to FREE for the first time ever!)

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Discovering Emotions with Zeely is discounted from $19.99 to FREE for TODAY (3/21) ONLY!

What a great way to get ready for Autism Awareness Month in April! It is well known that people with autism spectrum disorders often struggle with recognizing and controlling emotions. Well, there's an app to help with that!

Normally $19.99, Discovering Emotions with Zeely has gone FREE for a limited time only, so please share this post amongst your friends in your social network — you never know who might need this.
If you would like to download Discovering Emotions with Zeely — Educational Tool for Learning Emotions (iPad only - $19.99 to FREE) please use our link and we will all have happy faces.
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From iTunes:
Discovering Emotions with Zeely is an innovative new educational tool that teaches children how to identify emotions and practice recognizing facial expressions. 
Friendly characters motivate the child to play the game independently. Developed in association with child psychologists and speech and language pathologists, playing the game provides structured repetition and practice of basic emotion recognition skills. 

Zeely3Discovering Emotions with Zeely has been designed to assist parents, educators, and therapists working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD or other special needs (eg. Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury). Detailed data collection and reporting tools assist with tracking the child's progress and sharing the information between clinic, home and school.

Zeely4* Educational game for teaching emotions and emotion recognition
* Friendly characters and engaging game keeps children motivated
* Easy and clear navigation allows children to operate the app independently
* Provides instruction, structured repetition and practice
* Designed for parents, educators and therapists
* Three different learning modes with progressive levels of difficulty
* Detailed data collection and reporting give a clear picture of child’s progress
* Pre and post testing is supported
* Clear photographs of a wide variety of real faces 
* Familiar settings, such as a playground, cinema, museum and theme park, provide social context
* Children can hear or read game instructions – OpenDyslexic font increases readability for children with dyslexic

Zeely5**ZeelyAdventures requires iPad2 and above. It will run with reduced animation on an iPad 1 see support page for further details. 

Privacy Policy Overview
Data collected for reporting within the app is not shared with other applications on your device or with any other devices on the network
Visit our privacy policy at for more information

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Lisa safk

Lisa M has three children that have autism spectrum disorders and has spent countless hours teaching them about this subject (and many others!).

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