Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Free Social Skills app: Let's Be Social! offers new FREE lite version

Currently, the free version is no longer available in the app store. We apologize for any confusion and will let everyone know if and when it becomes available.

If you've been eyeballing Let's Be Social! but are hesitant to pay $14.99 before giving it a test drive, you are in luck! There is a new lite version, which is free. The lite version functions the same way as the full, only with less content. Users get two lessons preloaded as well as the ability to create one custom lesson with 3 questions. The lite version is not only useful in showing what the full version offers, but contains plenty of useful content to work on social skills and pragmatic language.

** Please note: This app has in-app purchases, but they can easily be disabled in the settings of your device. There are also social network links.
Only the app's developer can control when an app is free or not. This app was verified to be free at the time of this post. We make no guarantees otherwise.**
In-app purchase of $14.99 for full version of app.
Links open within app to developer's social media sites as well as email.
From iTunes:
Model and Teach Social Skills & Pragmatic Language! 

With 25 premium lessons written by ASHA certified SLP's, and the ability to create completely customized lessons from scratch in minutes using your own pictures and text, Let's be Social! is an extremely powerful tool designed to help special needs professionals and parents model and teach social skills to those that struggle with social communication. 

This Lite version gives you unlimited access to 2 of our Premium Lessons; Going to the Doctor's, and Understanding Jokes. You can also create one lesson using your own pictures and text! 

Our full version includes:

Premium Lessons 
- Lesson Summaries model expected actions and emotions felt during each lesson 
- Q&A mode breaks the lesson down into smaller parts and measures retention 
- 70 custom illustrations show each lesson in extraordinary detail 
- 25 Lessons (see full list below) are organized in 5 skill sets: Personal Interactions, Navigating the Community, School Behavior, Handling Change, and Social Relationships 

Create your Own Content 
- Fast, intuitive content creation tools allow the user to create completely customized lessons on the fly 
- Address any one of the hundreds of different social interactions that happen in everyday life 
- Take pictures or use images saved to your device as support for your lessons. Take pictures during role playing exercises to save those memories and revisit them later! Or, take pictures of relatives to prepare for a family trip. 

Who is Let’s be Social! for? 

Because of the ability to customize, Let’s be Social! is appropriate to use with a wide variety of age ranges. Our content has been used with children and young adults ranging from kindergarten through high school. Our content was created by ASHA-certified SLP’s, and can be used with individuals who have disabilities including: 

- Autism Spectrum Disorders 
- DevelopmentalDelays 
- Deaf/Hard of Hearing 
- Social/Emotional 

In addition to the populations mentioned above, parents of Neurotypical children have used Let’s be Social! to prepare for big events in their children’s lives & teach appropriate behavior. 

Full Lesson List 
Personal Interactions 
- Making Eye Contact 
- Greeting Friends 
- Keeping Personal Space 
- Taking Turns in Conversation 
- Joining a Group 

Navigating the Community 
- Going to the Doctor's 
- Playing on the Playground 
- Eating at a Restaurant 
- Going to the Movies 

School Behavior 
- Sitting in Class 
- Making Inappropriate Noises 
- Waiting in Line 
- Eating in the Cafeteria 
- Respecting Teachers 
- Reading in Front of the Class 

Handling Change 
- Transitioning at School 
- Dealing with Disappointment 
- Going to a New School 

Social Relationships 
- Apologizing 
- Making Friends 
- Hurting a Friend's Feelings 
- Playing at a Friend's House 
- Being Teased 
- Helping a Friend 
- Understanding Jokes 

Rachel H is happy to be back on her normal schedule now that the kid's spring break is over. 

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