Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fun free life skills app: TVOkids Mannerific teaches kids manners through games

Manners are an important life skill, but can be easily overlooked. Learning to have good manners doesn't need to feel stiff and proper. Kids don't need to sit and memorize Emily Post books and balance books on their heads. TVOKids Mannerific by TVO Apps teaches manners to kids through four fun mini games. Kids earn points and get a good giggle trying to keep all the mouths closed while working on manners.

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TVOKids Mannerific app uses four fun mini games to help reinforce manners. The games include closing mouths while chewing, sneezing into an elbow, washing hands with soap and water, and not interrupting when someone else is talking. The games are timed and kids earn points for each good manner they display. This is a fun app to help reinforce manners in a silly, but informative manner.

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This game teaches 6-11 year olds how to have good manners.

About TVOKids
Ontarians rate TVOKids as the most trusted and most educational media brand in Canada when it comes to delivering content to children. TVOKids is available on-air and online at, an award-winning website that’s home to over 160 educational games that help make learning fun. All TVOKids games and activities are based on the Ontario school curriculum, are student and teacher-tested and are developed in collaboration with TVO’s on-staff educator and other experts from across the province.

Rachel H once, long ago, had a guy walk through a door and let it shut on her when they were on a first date. That was their only date.

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