Sunday, March 2, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: I imagine - an interactive and imaginative book app that you become the star of

Have you ever dealt with a child wanting attention when you have a lot of work to complete? Did the child complain of being bored? If you have had a similar experience, then your family can definitely relate to I Imagine, an interactive book app about a child who is bored while his mother is busy. The characters can be created by a user with personalized facial pictures, clothes, and recorded names that will be incorporated into the story. I cannot believe this app is FREE, but it is, so go check it out!

Rachel H. gave it 4 stars on Smart Apps for Kids. You can read the full review by visiting the link.

If you would like to download I Imagine (Free with in-app purchase, iPad/iPhone), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using our link:

In-app purchase of $0.99 for two additional sets of three characters. External links behind parental lock to developer website.

From iTunes:
Bizzibrains' I imagine book app is a unique, interactive and personalized story designed to bring families less stress and more joy.

Made for children 3 to 8 years old, I imagine is certified by the kidSAFE® Seal Program. To learn more go to

√ Great story, illustrations, music, sounds and narration.

√ Use of device camera, microphone & accelerometer.

√ A free fun 3 character creation stage including:
* Learn to type names;
* Choose boy or girl;
* Add a photo face or using our illustration;
* Choose hairstyle and color, clothing and shoes;
√ Free interactive story pages including:
* See the characters you created appear in the story;
* Hear and see your characters' names in the story;
* See text highlight as narrated;
* Draw;
* Build sandcastles;
* Make your character run, dance and jump;
* Play hide and seek.

√ Free ability for parents to enter our parental gate to:
* Share page 1 of the story with family and friends;
* Email or print the I imagine award to encourage independent, imaginative play when the iPad is put away;
* Provide us with feedback, change settings, visit our website, view our privacy policy.
√ I imagine contains no third party advertising. The in-app purchase, website links and ability to share a page of the story via email are safely behind our parental gate so your child can play safely and without interruptions.

We offer you I imagine for free. If your child enjoys creating their characters for the story please consider making the in app purchase which will allow them to create 2 additional sets of 3 characters from scratch. In addition to being a lot of fun, the character creation stage is great for teaching your child to type names.

You can choose not to use the photos and microphone, however we think the app is much more fun if you do! We take your privacy seriously. This app is designed for you to add a photo of your child's face and to record their name. If you choose to do this, the photo and recording is not sent to or received by us. If you choose to enter the parent's section and share your story characters (with their photo faces) by email, the images sent and the email addresses involved are also not sent to or stored by us. If you would like to know more you can read our privacy policy at

Best experienced on iPad but also fun on iPhone and iPod touch.

Heather S. had fun creating and naming the characters in the story.

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