Monday, March 3, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Kindergarten Bingo: Letters, Numbers, Shapes & Colors

Little bingo bugs make learning letters, numbers, shapes and colors fun and exciting.  Practice the concepts using flash cards or test your knowledge with a bingo game. Create player profiles for multiple children and customize the content of the bingo cards. In the settings you can choose between uppercase and lowercase letters, letter names or letter sounds, or numbers in increments of 10 through 100.  Collect Bingo Bugs by completing games with no mistakes.  Developed by, this darling app is free for a limited time so download it today.

If you would like to download Kindergarten Bingo (iPhone/iPad, FREE), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking on the link provided:

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From iTunes:

FREE for a limited time! 

Play BINGO while practicing letters, numbers, shapes, and colors! 

Listen to the letter, letter sound, color and shape or number the BINGO Bug speaks and tap on the corresponding object on the BINGO board. The object of the game is to get a pattern of three BINGO Bugs in a row to win and get BINGO! If you get BINGO without making a mistake you will earn a BINGO Bug! 

Flash Cards
Flash cards display a number, color and shape, or letter depending on the game selected. Practice by saying out loud what is displayed on the card. Press the button above the card to hear the answer. 

Collect BINGO Bugs 
Earn BINGO Bugs by getting BINGO without any mistakes. The Bugs you earn will be saved in "My BINGO Bugs." Tap, double tap, and tilt the device to watch them go! 

 The following options are available in the Parents & Teachers section; 
Letter case: choose UPPER CASE or lower case 
Alphabet: choose letter names or letter sounds 
Numbers: choose numbers in increments of 10 up to 100 
Music: theme music can be turned on or off Player 
Profiles: you can erase a player profile 


Junior BINGO: 
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- Does not contain in-app purchases. 
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- Does not use analytics/data collection tools. 
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