Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Let's Name Things Fun Deck - multi-user categorizing and vocabulary app with data tracking

Do you want to work on categorizing and vocabulary in a FREE app with data tracking? It is possible with Let's Name Things Fun Deck! With the ability to add different user profiles, this is an adult directed app that would be great for therapy sessions or with a parent. One child can use it with an adult or a group of children can take turns using it. The app will rotate through the children chosen and track their individual answers. It includes 52 different prompts, such as "Let's name things you put on a pizza" and "Let's name things that are sweet." An adult will score the response correct or incorrect and have a wonderful time watching a child's vocabulary and categorizing skills grow!

If you would like to download Let's Name Things Fun Deck (Free, iPad/iPhone), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using our link:

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From iTunes:
This colorful, educational vocabulary App for the iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® has all 52 illustrated picture flash cards (plus audio of each card text) from the Let's Name Things Fun Deck® by Super Duper® Publications. Select the cards you want students to see, and have them name items to practice vocabulary, categorizing, and thinking skills. The prompts include statements like, “Let’s name… things that live in the ocean.” and “Let’s name… things you’d take on a trip.”

This App is simple to use — each student looks at an illustration, and either reads the prompt or touches the screen to listen to the prompt. The student then gives a verbal response. After each answer, tap the green (correct) or red (incorrect) button to score the student’s verbal response. Move to the next card by sliding the card currently on the display screen to the side. To move to the next player, tap the bar at the top of the screen and select a name. You can also advance cards and players automatically by selecting the Auto-Advance option in the Game Options menu. You can leave a game temporarily and return to it later by selecting Pause Game from the menu. To return to the game, select Continue Game from the main menu. When you finish, view the results in a graph, and print or email your data.

Let’s Name… Things Fun Deck® App lets you:
• Use the app in portrait or landscape orientation.
• Select all 52 cards or just the ones you want students to see.
• Track correct and incorrect responses for an unlimited number of players.
• Advance players and cards manually or automatically.
• Receive feedback for incorrect and/or correct responses
• Discontinue game play and continue at any time.
• View results in a graph and see which questions a player missed during a session.
• Print, E-mail and share your results. 

Heather S. will use this app as a supplemental app during her groups to work on language.

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