Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: A to Z Music Videos from ABCmouse.com gets kids singing new letter songs

A to Z Music Videos from ABCmouse.com by Age of Learning, Inc. offers cartoon music videos specifically focusing on each letter of the alphabet. The lyrics go beyond, "A is for apple." Each video lasts roughly 3 minutes and introduces a variety of vocabulary with lines like, "at the beach Amanda found an abalone shell." Each word beginning with the chosen letter is displayed on screen to help reinforce the new letter.

If you would like to download A to Z Music Videos from ABCmouse.com (FREE iPad/iPhone), please show your support by using our link:


In app purchases for tickets to unlock additional letter videos faster. Purchases are not required for game play

** Please note: This app has in-app purchases, but they can easily be disabled in the settings of your device.
Only the app's developer can control when an app is free or not. All apps that we post as free are verified to be free at the time of this post. We make no guarantees otherwise.**

In A to Z Music Videos, the letters A-C are unlocked initially, and additional songs can be unlocked for tickets. You can unlock in any order you wish. So if your child really likes the letter J, then they can save up tickets and unlock that one first instead of having to unlock letters D through I first. Tickets are earned for each video watched as well as randomly earning a spin on the ticket wheel. Tickets can also be purchased through in-app purchases if desired, though it is not necessary.

There are many helpful features within the app including the option to display all lyrics on the bottom of the screen with the feature letter highlighted and see and review all lyrics for unlocked songs. The glossary section lists the different words with the ability to play the pronunciation and read or listen to the definition.

From iTunes:

* Uppercase and lowercase letter recognition for all 26 letters
* Phonemic awareness – through rhymes and alliteration
* New vocabulary words
* New musical styles and genres

From the award-winning online education leader, ABCmouse.com. This app offers a fun and effective way to teach young children the names and sounds of all 26 letters, expand their vocabulary, and expose them to a variety of musical styles.

· The app starts out with 3 free HD music videos (letters A, B & C) PLUS 100 virtual tickets to unlock any other 2 videos of your choice right away.

· To unlock more videos, you can use the tickets you earn by watching the music videos.

· In-app purchases are NOT REQUIRED, but are available to help you unlock videos more quickly.

* This app contains NO third-party advertising and does NOT share any personally identifiable information about you or your child with third parties.


* “Love it for my classroom and kids!! Catchy tunes and awesome graphics that my kindergarten students love!”
* “My 2yr od and 4yr old both love this app! One of the few that they will play together without fighting.”
* “My 3 year old is LOVING learning!!”
* “If there was an option to give it 10 stars, then I would!!!”

Download the free A-Z Music Video app from ABCmouse.com now!

For more free apps and interactive books from ABCmouse.com, search “ABCmouse” in the App Store.

Thank you – from all of us at ABCmouse.com!

Rachel H is home with the children due to an unexpected snow day canceling school.

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