Sunday, March 16, 2014

Great Free App for Middle School and High School: Overcoming Obstacles Life Skills Program

Many life skills are abstract concepts that children with special needs struggle to understand. These concepts must be taught in more concrete ways. Overcoming Obstacles Life Skills Program is a FREE app that includes 180 hours of activities to make life skills more concrete written in lesson plan form. This app is for middle school and high school children. Use this app in a variety of settings to teach skills, take notes and track data for children. This is a brand new app with 20 topics that is worth checking out if you work with students in any capacity.

If you would like to download Overcoming Obstacles Life Skills Program (Free, iPad Only), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using our link:

From iTunes:
Give your students the skills they need to be successful in life with the Overcoming Obstacles Life Skills Program! This free app includes 180 hours of engaging activity-based lessons for children aged 10-18+ that you can teach anywhere anytime: during the school day, in an after-school program, or anyplace where students are together.

With this app, not only do you have access to the entire Overcoming Obstacles curriculum, but you can also arrange the lessons in any order you choose, take notes, keep track of your progress, and rate the lessons.

Overcoming Obstacles covers over 20 topics, including:

- Problem solving
- Conflict resolution
- College and career readiness
- Financial responsibility
- Time management
Since 1992, nearly 3 million young people have learned life skills through Overcoming Obstacles and can now communicate effectively, make sound decisions, and set and achieve meaningful goals. Overcoming Obstacles is proven to boost academic achievement, improve school and classroom environments, and prepare children for college and careers. Recently, the National Dropout Prevention Center presented Overcoming Obstacles with a Crystal Star Award for its success in reducing dropout rates nationwide.

Help your students build brighter futures for themselves!

Heather S. loves finding curriculum for life skills and social skills!

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