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Great FREE Kids Cooking App: WeCookit - recipes, cooking tips and food for kids is FREE for a Limited Time

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I love cooking and have had my daughter cooking with me since she was 2 years old and could count and dump measured cups of ingredients in a bowl. I collect cookbooks, and my daughter is starting to want her own collection. WeCookit - recipes, cooking tips and food for kids may be one of my daughter's favorite apps that I've found for her recently. Not only does it have kid friendly recipes, but it has easy to follow instructions and takes into account many common dietary restrictions. Beyond the collection of recipes that come with the app, it allows users to share their own recipes.

If you would like to download WeCookit - recipes, cooking tips and food for kids (FREE regularly $2.99, iPad Onyly), please show your support by using our link:

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In app purchases of $1.99 for additional categories (Party Time, Salads)
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The recipes in WeCookit - recipes, cooking tips and food for kids by Mango Tree Ltd. are not only kid friendly and Pinterest-creative-cute, they are also aware of various dietary restrictions many kids face. It denotes when recipes are gluten free, lactose free, and will even recommend substitutions, when available. None of the recipes contain peanuts or peanut products. The goal of this app is to help children not only learn a love for food, but to offer healthy easy to prepare recipes.  I plan to test out many of these recipes with my daughter, the sous-chef, over her spring break.

From iTunes:
Do you really love food? Pizza, Chocolate Fondue, French Crepes? Make the kitchen your playground. Learn how to easily make food you love and share your creations with your family and friends. WeCookit is a new cooking platform for families that enjoy sharing their passion for food. Packed with recipes for great food that kids love to eat and can easily make. Designed and exclusive on iPad. 

The app includes stunning retina photography and provides step-by-step instructions for each and every mouthwatering recipe. We included recipes for great foods kids love to eat, based almost entirely on fresh ingredients. You will be able to create your own cooking gallery as you cook. 

WeCookit is a great place to upload your own kitchen inventions, and share them. 
How creative you can be? 

WeCookit comes with: 
> Shopping list- send your ingredients list by email 
> Getting set in the kitchen (so you know what you need before you even start) 
> Timer and mixing tools 
> A built-in quantity adjustment calculator (no math needed ;) 
> Allergy alerts - calling out recipes that are gluten and dairy free 
> Regional settings (US and UK/EU measuring systems for imperial and metric measurements) 

We made sure to clearly mark the tricky parts where you will probably need help from a grown up (like getting things in and out of the oven). In any case, you should always ask an adult for permission before cooking. 

A note to parents: 

WeCookit was created out of passion for food and cooking, as well as a concern with regards to obesity and eating disorders. 

Several families tested the app and found that it has become a great tool, facilitating family meal-planning conversations. The platform encourages children to decide what they wanted to eat and lets them decide how involved they would like to be in the prep, saving lots of money and effort, especially if you have picky eaters in your home. 

This interactive cooking platform connects kids and parents with the food they eat, and makes great food part of their conversations. It provides basic life skills as well as stimulus for kitchen creativity. 
The editorial content includes real food that real kids love to eat and can easily cook. Most editorial recipes include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and demonstrate how to make food from scratch. Some recipes require the use of chocolate, sugar, white flour or oil. This is intentional, so that children get to experience a variety of tastes, ingredients and cooking techniques preparing the occasional treat. 

We made sure to clearly mark when: 
> Adult supervision is needed (note that you may need to provide more support to and supervision to your child, depending on your child's age and independence) 
> Recipes are Free from Gluten or Lactose, allowing children with allergies to easily identify the recipes suited for them. 

When keeping a gluten free diet, in several cases you can use the substitutes you already know for the existing recipes (for example gluten free corn flakes for the Cornflake Cupcakes). 

Beyond the basic recipes provided with the app, you will be able to purchase additional recipe packs as we publish them. 

THIS APP IS COMPLIES WITH CHILD PRIVACY LEGISLATION and as such we have added parental gates, assuring a grown up approves any purchases or access to the web and/or social networks. 

NO PORK OR PEANUTS have been used in any of the recipes provided by the editorial team. 

YOU WILL NOT FIND ANY ADS IN THIS APP. Please support us by purchasing additional recipe packs. Make sure to contact us if you would like to publish your own pack on WeCookit. 

We would love to hear your feedback, including ideas for recipes and healthy eating:

Rachel H's daughter invented a recipe for yogurt parfait with fresh fruit and smashed fortune cookies on top served in a plastic wine glass. It is now a family favorite. 

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