Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pinterest Board of the Week: Parenting Tips and Tricks

Ever since I was a child, I heard people say things to the effect of, "There is no one perfect parenting handbook." There are millions of parenting books on the shelves. Now with the advent of the internet, blogging and social media, there is more information available than a single person can ever read. Throw in parenting of a special needs child adds a whole extra set of opinions. Luckily, we scan through as much information as we can find, write applicable articles and share what we find useful on our Parenting Tips & Tricks Pinterest board.

We have apps, articles, tips, advice and more on our Parenting board. By following this board you are able to see our latest posts on the subject as well as website we think other parents of special needs children would benefit from.  You can check out this board as well as what else we have to offer on Pinterest here:

Follow Smart Apps for Special Needs's board Parenting Tips & Tricks on Pinterest.

Rachel H has survived her baby boy's 6th birthday, and is now preparing for her daughter's 8th birthday extravaganza. It is a busy week at her house! 

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