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Practice spelling, typing, vocabulary and other languages with Dic Dic the robot

Dic-Dic. Multilingual dictation to practise spelling, writing and sound-letter matching by Perception Technologies, S.L. incorporates spelling, flashcards, typing and more in this cute app. Not only can children work on their spelling and vocabulary, but they can also practice other languages. With no time limits or penalty for incorrect responses, this app allows children to learn and practice at their own pace.

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I was amazed at the balance of features with the non-complicated ease of use of the Dic-Dic app. Children can practice learning the spelling by having the letters displayed under the cute graphics and simply typing the matching letters on the keyboard. For more advanced practice, the letter clues can be disabled and the child must spell the word out completely on their own.

The vocabulary is broken up into three levels of difficulty. Each level offers the ability to have the spelling displayed as clues as well as the letters read aloud after correct spelling for further reinforcement.

There is no time limit or penalty for incorrect spelling. If a child gets stuck on a word, they can simply pass and move on to the next word. If a word is misspelled multiple times, the incorrect letters are highlighted and then the child moves on to the next word. There is no big error noise played and no forcing the child to keep attempting to spell a word which can cause frustration. The app simply moves on and comes back to that word later. All words, once correctly spelled, are listed in the journal along with the graphic. Children and parents can quickly review and check progress from that screen.

My son, like many kids with fine motor delay, struggles with handwriting. Dic-Dic takes the struggles of handwriting out of the equation and allows kids to focus on the spelling aspect of each word. Unlike many apps that either have children write the word or spell from a small selection or alphabetized list of letters, Dic-Dic uses a qwerty keyboard layout. This allows children to practice real world typing skills.

Not only can children practice vocabulary and spelling in their native language, but they can learn these common words in other languages as well. The app supports British English, American English, Spanish, Russian, French and Catalan.

Dic-Dic is a cute little app with adorable graphics. Children can enjoy learning spelling, common vocabulary words, typing and even other languages.

From iTunes:
***App featured and recommended by Apple in the App Store Kids section in more than 20 countries***

DIC-DIC is the perfect educational game to learn to spell commonly-used words in several languages. The audiovisual dictation at 3 levels of difficulty lets boys and girls from 3 to 8 years of age learn spelling and vocabulary in a fun way.

The game is designed both for practising the first language and to acquire vocabulary and spelling knowledge in a foreign language.

This is a 100% safe application, with no advertising or in-app selling, simple and intuitive to use, so that your children can play completely independently and safely.

The game lets the user choose the level of difficulty they want at any time, what language they want to practise and whether or not have clues. The clues allow the youngest children to reinforce their learning of letters in association with their sound. 

One of the special features of this application is the use of the keyboard to enter the letters, an option which is not common in applications of this kind and which enables users to become familiar with this tool.

The application includes an extra game to reward good players. This comes up when they achieve a certain number of right answers.

The application also features albums of scores, making it possible to monitor success achieved at each level in each language. 

• Spelling and audiovisual dictation game.
• Bonus game to reward good players.
• Album to record achievements in each language and level.
• Produced under the advice of educators and native-speaker teachers of each language.
• Read by native speakers of each language.
• Personalisable and adaptable to the level of knowledge of each player.
• Correction of incorrect responses to reinforce learning
• No third-party advertising.
• No in-app purchases.
• In British English, American English, Spanish, Russian, French and Catalan.

Rachel H took French lessons in high school, but spoke it with a strong Texas accent that her teacher tried to minimize to no avail.

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