Monday, March 31, 2014

Product Giveaway: Space Explorers body sock develops spatial and body awareness

We promised you a month of exciting product and app giveaways in honor of Autism Awareness Month, and I'm thrilled to kick things off.  Fun and Function is a company specializing in products to make life better for children with special needs. The Space Explorers body sock is one of their many offerings. Children with special needs often have sensory integration issues, and this product provides calming deep pressure and proprioceptive input. It helps children become more aware of their bodies in space, increases strength and improves motor planning. Available in a variety of sizes for children age 3 through teens; it comes in several solid colors and in fun animal prints too. 

Space Explorers body sock is a great tool for sensory integration therapy, but it's also fun. This product combines sensory input and play skills. Use it to play dress up, pretend to be different animals or provide it as a break choice for students on a sensory diet. I have a student who loves the Space Explorer. When he is feeling overwhelmed in his classroom, he is able to request the body sock and it immediately helps him calm.

When I was in graduate school, a family I worked with introduced me to using lycra fabric as a sensory tool. I would just buy a few yards at the fabric store, but it was a bit awkward to fit it around students and it always fell off before they were ready. The Space Explorers suit eliminates these problems. It's well made, has a velcro closure and comes in 4 different sizes with length measured from shoulder to feet.

Interested in a Space Explorer suit for your child? Enter to win below.

Giveaway is for U.S. Residents Only. (There are many more giveaways coming that will be open worldwide.) It will be open through April 10th. The winner will be chosen and notified on April 11th. Please check your email linked to your Rafflecopter entry.

Sarah finds brushing and braiding her daughter's hair to be a very calming activity.  Smart Apps for Special Needs was given a free Space Explorers body sock. No other compensation was provided.

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