Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Top free hands-on science app: DIY Sun Science offers activities and videos for kids

I admit, I love doing crafts with my kids. If I can find hands on activities that are also educational, I'm one happy mom. DIY Sun Science offers fun, educational activities for kids that any parent, crafty or not, can put together in minutes. From activities perfect for a rainy day to helping reinforce concepts in a tactile and visual way, DIY Sun Science is a FREE app that kids and parents will both enjoy.

If you would like to download DIY Sun Science (FREE, iPad/iPhone), please show your support by using our link:


No ads, in-app purchases, or external links. Does open email to share activities within the app.

Each activity offers a list of materials, estimated time to prepare, try and cleanup, step by step instructions and most importantly an explanation. The activities are broken up into any day activities (can be done inside) and sunny day activities. Activities can easily be shared via email or hard copies printed out -- great for teachers or big groups of kids to be able to follow along.

There is also a section full of images and videos as well as an observatory where you can see live images of the sun using different filters. Young scientists can browse and watch any video in the video section of the app or related videos are listed at the end of each activity.

I am truly amazed at how much content is available in this free app!

From iTunes:
The DIY Sun Science app, funded by NASA, allows families and educators to investigate and learn about the Sun at home, at school, or anywhere you go! This app is the second in a series (including DIY Nano) that provides over a dozen free, easy to use, hands-on activities. 
Plus, view live images of the Sun from NASA’s SDO satellite, videos of the Sun, and much more! Each activity includes material lists, step-by-step instructions, and detailed explanations. The activity materials are widely available and inexpensive—you probably have many of them in your own home.

Rachel H remembers burning paper using a magnifying glass being the main sun experiment she ever did as a child.

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