Saturday, March 1, 2014

We all make mistakes

Today was a crazy busy day at my house. There were just so many things that had to get done and so many places we needed to be. And yes, some of those things were life and death -- like medications. I guess busy days make me crazier than I thought because I screwed up today, and now I wait to see the ramifications played out upon one of the innocents.

I know I'm making more of this than perhaps I should, but I didn't follow our rules today. We have a whiteboard in the kitchen where we write down when we give one of the kids their meds. We started this seven years ago when we accidentally double-dosed Little Miss M's anti-seizure medication and prayed that we wouldn't render her comatose.

Today I was running around though. The Husband stayed home, a planned and very exciting day off, since he had worked the last four days pretty much straight and because I had commitments I needed to be kid-free for. The Husband and I took kids two and three grocery shopping and errand running after dropping Little Miss M off at school. We had enough time to get chili started on the stove before I had to run out for an appointment which was an hour away. I completed that task and made it back in time to get the kids from school. I dropped off kid two at home and took Little Miss M to occupational therapy a half hour away.  Therapy ran over and The Husband got the younger two their dinner and did their medicine. He and I talked about the baby's antibiotic and steroid and Zantac (she has GERD and has had croup for a month).

And, somehow, despite our best efforts, we double-dosed the poor little thing her antibiotics. So, now I sit here and wait to see if she has a reaction. Of course, I called the on-call doctor. They said she might have an upset stomach, but I feel so bad. Yet, I have to remind myself that we all make mistakes and I never would do anything to hurt my precious baby on purpose.

So, my long-winded message today? Even when we are at our best and totally prepared, we make mistakes, and it has to be okay.

I wish I had more wisdom to impart, but each day is a learning experience and we learn as much from success as we do mistakes.

Amanda knows she is sometimes too hard on herself and is working on taking it easier.

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