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Autism Awareness Month April 21 - FREE & Discounted Apps including CJ Educations and Disney Tinker Bell!

What a great day! Our site at Smart Apps For Kids has been down, but it's finally almost back up and running. To celebrate, we found all of these great discounts for you. We've got Dr. Seuss and seven great books from CJ Educations on the list today, including Bear in Underwear. Plus, get a Disney Tinker Bell book on discount!

30 apps, for a total savings of $66!

** Only the app's developer can control when an app is free/discounted. The prices of apps in our post are verified to be correct at the time of this post. We make no guarantees otherwise. Please note: Some of these apps may have in-app purchases, but they can easily be disabled in the settings of your device. There also may be ads and social network links in some of these apps.**

Green Radventures: Book 1
iPad/iPhone - $.99 to FREE
Join Nico, his babysitter Hannah, and the kooky Green Minstrel as they pay a visit to the local landfill to learn about the 3 R’s of SUSTAINABILITY—Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
iPhone                           iPad

Green Radventures: Book 2
iPad/iPhone - $.99 to FREE
Enjoy the fully interactive kids story! Includes a wonderfully educational story, an original song, individual character voice overs and tips at the end!

iPhone                             iPad

A Whale of a Tale! (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat)
iPad/iPhone - $3.99 to $2.99
Take to the high seas with the Cat in the Hat as he teaches Dick and Sally all about porpoises, dolphins and whales! Explore pictures and diagrams, learn new vocabulary words, and personalize the story with your own narration. Can you tell the difference between a dolphin nose and a porpoise nose?

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue—A Magical Adventure
iPad/iPhone - $2.99 to $1.99
Tinker Bell is trapped on the mainland! Join Vidia, Rosetta, Silvermist and the other Fairies as they use their talents to rescue Tink in this magical Storybook App.

Mind Organizer (mind mapping)
iPad only - $4.99 to FREE
Do you want to jot down a few ideas during a brainstorm? Are you going to plan a vacation? Have you got a massive idea which needs a really detailed plan? You can work on a project of any size if you are using Mind Organizer. 

The Funny Fair
iPad only - $4.99 to FREE
This hilarious story finds Jester Bit scheming and dreaming. Will Jester's cunning twiddle stick lead him to, or help him out of trouble? What prompts his friend, Ozzie Mo, to swell after feeling out of shape at a Hall of Crazy Mirrors?

A Ferry to Airy
iPad only - $4.99 to $.99
This story follows Jester Bit on a fantastical journey. What awaits him at the No-Zone Space? A message reaches Doctor It at his home, the Puzzling Pit. The doctor’s pet, an I.T. scholar, is so hot underneath his collar. Both need to crack a code to save the day. Will Doctor It make contact?

A Shine Show Shock
iPad only - $4.99 to $.99
This surprising story finds Jester Bit spotting this and plotting that at his home on Prank Plot. Could the think tank sitting under Jester's hat help him to win the Star of Stars at a Shine Show? Nosy shoes may off run off clues, but do bugs with bags hide secrets?

Princess Piano
iPad/iPhone - $2.99 to FREE
Princess Piano has escaped a spell cast by an evil witch thanks to her magic ballet shoes. By learning to read and play music on the piano, you will help the princess dance her way back to the Cloud Kingdom to rescue her family! In this melodious adventure, Princess Piano introduces the notes of the scale and how they are written on the staff. 

Sorry, no longer FREE
Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes FULL
iPad/iPhone - $2.99 to FREE
Appley Dapply’s Nursery Rhymes is a collection of nursery rhymes written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter. The book opens with a three-stanza rhyme about Appley Dapply, a mouse who raids cupboards for treats, and is accompanied with three illustrations, one which depicts a little mouse running away from a cupboard with a tray of pies.

Sorry, no longer FREE

iPhone, x2 iPad - $.99 to FREE
kidClock is a fun, educational application designed with preschoolers in mind. It contains an interactive analog clock face with game features and a customizable daily schedule. 

ZooFun - Animal Game For Kids and Toddlers
iPad/iPhone - $.99 to FREE
ZooFun Animals Game is a wonderful matching game for kids and toddlers. It is easy and super fun to play. Let your kids have fun when learning animals' sounds. If your kids love animals, they will love this app while playing with animals and listening their sounds.  

Bibo, the little monster
iPad only - $4.99 to FREE
This is a self-published book about a little purple monster called Bibo, who, by some mysterious way, found himself in an ordinary forest with many wild animals. The unusual hero will become friends with your child and they will take off together on an amazing journey through a magical forest. It will teach your little one to be kind.

The Truth About Mermaid
iPad/iPhone - $2.99 to FREE
In these app, the girls, boys and all the family will discover the magical life of mermaids. Between beautiful illustrations, animations and full of interactions, you can discover some clues that will help you to find "The truth about mermaids" and answer the question: Do mermaid live among us?
iPhone                             iPad

LinguiMind Colors finger drawing and painting for toddlers in English, Spanish + French
iPad/iPhone - $.99 to FREE
Kids age 2 to 7 will now have fun learning basic Spanish,French & English words. LinguiMind Colors is a fun coloring activity for all ages. It has a variety of bright colors to use and show off your creativity. It will keep your children busy with a positive activity that fits right into the palm of their hand.

Zorbit’s Math Adventure Preschool
iPad/iPhone - $2.99 to FREE
Girls and boys will have a BLAST tagging along with young space aliens Zorbit and Zippy and their friends as they get ready to take off for Planet Earth. The game’s six action-packed levels add up to one great story! Along the way, there are tons of encouraging words – and lots of stickers – to help kids learn.

An animal alphabet
iPad/iPhone - $.99 to FREE
Created for little ones that want to learn the English alphabet, are amused by animals, and love being read to. An animal alphabet is a charmingly original interactive educational app. 26 unique vibrant animal works of art. Alliteration poems for each letter.

Interactive book for children. 
iPad/iPhone - $2.99 to $1.99
Tembo and the others is an interactive book for iPhone and iPad for children over 3 years old. This app makes learning to read easier for the little ones. It follows the guidelines on inclusive education, allowing you to adapt the story reading to the skills and learning needs of each child.

Math School Games Learning Counting, Addition, Multiplication & more for Kids from Preschool and Kindergarten to Grade 1 - 4 by Abby Monkey®
iPad/iPhone - $.99 to FREE
It’s springtime! Educational specialists from award-winning studio 22learn bring to you colorful, spring-themed educational math games that teach essential math skills for school success: numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Bear in Underwear
iPad only - $2.99 to $.99
Bear and his kooky friends are playing in the woods when Bear stumbles across a backpack. His friends encourage him to open the backpack and, when he does, out pops lots of pairs of underwear! 

10 Little Fish
iPad only - $2.99 to $.99
Children can read along (or sing!) as Bear checks out all the fish at his favorite watering hole. Young minds will learn to count to ten as more and more whimsical fish appear in the pond. They’ll also learn to count backwards as, one by one, the fish swim away

iPad/iPhone - $2.99 to $.99
In a park lives a lonely little dog, Douglas. He is befriended by a pretty, red-haired stranger (Peters), who takes him to a Broadway stage so that he has a chance at being adopted. How can Douglas be a star and find himself a new home?
iPhone                               iPad

Shapes That Roll
iPad only - $2.99 to $.99
Follow a trio of fun-loving shape friends as they point out different attributes of the shapes that are all around us! Shapes are important building blocks to reading and writing, to understanding basic and advanced mathematics, and to spatial perception. Children will learn about shapes that roll and shapes that don’t, shapes you can stack and shapes you can’t.

iPad only - $2.99 to $.99
Watch what happens when a group of farm animals pass on messages!
Play a fun interactive game after reading this cute and whimsical story! CJ EDUCATIONS has taken a story about passing messages and listening carefully to the next level.

Living vs Nonliving : Do you know which ones will grow?
iPad only - $2.99 to FREE
Be engaged in this interactive question-and-answer story!
Read this ingenious story and classify living and nonliving things by swiping your fingers!

Stella is a Star
iPad only - $2.99 to $.99
An adorable story including engaging ballet lessons and music time!
Listen to heartwarming tunes and dance along with Stella, the puppy who desires to be a graceful pig ballerina. CJ EDUCATIONS presents an amusing storybook app about a lonely pit bull who desires to be an elegant ballerina. 

Toy Repair Workshop 
iPad/iPhone - $1.99 to FREE
Toy Repair Workshop is an awesome app. You not only get to use a variety of tools to repair broken toys, you get to create them too. Reactions, ranging from smiles, tears, and WOW!, will help guide you when to experiment. 

Toy Store Delivery Truck 2
iPad/iPhone - $2.99 to $.99
The long-awaited sequel to our most successful kids game is finally here! Get your kids excited about learning and being challenged while having fun with Toy Store Delivery Truck 2! 7 unique and very challenging levels for your child to master.

Sorry, no longer discounted

Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes 

iPad/iPhone - $2.99 to $.99
Mr. Wolf and the ginger Cupcakes captures the charm of the traditional children’s book 'The little Red Riding Hood but transports the reader in a whimsical world where all sorts of funky characters cohabit in harmony at the sound of dreamy jazz music.

Pilo1:An Interactive Children's Story Book 
iPad/iPhone - $2.99 to $.99
You can choose the main character that you want, either a boy (Tommy) or a girl (Sunny). When you choose and change the clothes of Pilo as you want, then it will be applied. If you touch Pilo, there will be character interactions. 

Pilo2:An Interactive Children's Story Book
iPad/iPhone - $2.99 to $.99
Experience an amazing world of imagination and Pilo, a warm pillow doll, in your dream every night. 3D animations of friends in the dream world and interactive effects suitable for various stories will provide the whole family with pleasant memories.

Reading Steps For Kids

iPad/iPhone - $2.99 to $1.99
Reading Steps is a set of excellent teaching tools to help students learn read English. Application contains activities designed to focus on critical reading skills and concepts that meet the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. 

Write Upper Case! Print and Cursive version
iPad/iPhone - $2.99 to $.99
This app helps children learn to write Print and Cursive upper case letters. Some Upper Case cursive style letters have variants so a number of alternative cursive letter styles are provided in the Settings function of the app.


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