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Autism Awareness Month Giveaways! Free Apps! Free Products! Must enter to win!

We have been working hard to bring huge deals, discounts and giveaways in honor of Autism Awareness Month. In our first week alone, we had nine different giveaways, multiple code drops on Facebook for free apps and thousands of dollars worth of free and discounted apps posted. Make sure to book mark our page listing all current giveaways and check back regularly so you don't miss out! You can also sign up for our newsletter to ensure you are notified of the latest Autism Awareness Month specials.

In case you missed out, here is an easy to browse list of our current giveaways as of April 27, 2014. Click on any of the links below to find learn more about the product and to enter the contests. Please note, all giveaways end at 11:59 pm EST unless a different time is noted.

The FOOT Book - Dr. Seuss
Giving away five free copies. Ends May 1

The FOOT Book - Dr. Seuss app features all the classic rhymes and illustrations along with wonderful narration and customization features. This particular Dr. Seuss book is great because it highlights loads of opposite concepts within the story. Tappable words/pictures, highlighted narration and custom recording options make this a top notch addition to any book app library.

Tiggly Shapes (set includes circle, square, star, triangle)
Giving away one set for free, a $29.95 value. Expires May 2

From Tiggly Website: Tiggly Shapes are fun to play with on their own, but they are different from other blocks and toys in that they interact with our iPad apps through patent-pending technology. Tiggly Shapes currently work with all generations of iPads and iPad minis running iOS 5 and higher. Tiggly Shapes are designed for children ages 18 months to 4 years old. 

Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose - Dr. Seuss
Giving away five free copies, a $4.99 value. Expires May 2

Are you familiar with the book Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose by Dr. Seuss? If you are, then you will love the Thidwick book app for Oceanhouse Media. If you are not familiar, then you need to get this app! Join Thidwick on his journey where he acts as a gracious host to some very ungrateful guests.

Expired Giveaways

Space Explorers body sock - Giveaway ended
A $32.99 value. Giveaway is for U.S. Residents Only. Ended April 10

Children with special needs often have sensory integration issues, and The Space Explorers body sock by Fun and Function provides calming deep pressure and proprioceptive input. It helps children become more aware of their bodies in space, increases strength and improves motor planning. Available in a variety of sizes for children age 3 through teens; it comes in several solid colors and in fun animal prints too.

Chronicle A 5 Star App! Giveaway ended.
Giveaway for three free copies, valued at $19.99 each. Ended April 10

Chronicle by Powerhouse Education is an easy and thorough data tracking and gradebook for teachers. It is highly customizable and data can be exported and shared with others. It gives the ability to attach pictures, video, and sound clips to notes.

QR Code ID patches and shirt - Giveaway Ended
Two giveaways, one is open worldwide for four QR Code ID patches and the other is open to U.S. only for two QR Code ID patches and a T-shirt! Valued at $5 and $26. Ended April 11

QR Code ID is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to helping reunite loved ones who are prone to wandering. Their handy sew-on patches, pins and clothing (designed by folks with special needs) add one more tool in a caregiver's box to help make sure everyone comes home safe and sound.

Speech Sounds for Kids - Giveaway ended. Congrats to winners
Two giveaways, three codes for US version and three codes for Australian version, valued at $12.99 each. Ended April 10 at 7pm CST.

Multimedia Speech Pathology has developed the Speech Sounds for Kids app which is perfect for speech therapists. It has wonderful content for teachers and parents working on phonics, phonemic awareness and auditory discrimination. Separate versions are available for the US and Australian voices.

Write to Read A 5 Star App! - Giveaway Ended
Giveaway for one free copy, a $6.99 value. Ended April 11

Write to Read by Writereader Aps allows a parent and child to work together to create stories. Kids add pictures and type their best attempt of the dialogue, and parents or teachers add the "grown up" version of the text to show proper spelling and grammar.

Let's Be Social Top App for social and pragmatic skills - Giveaway Ended
Giveaway for three free copies, valued at $14.99 each. Ends April 12

Let's Be Social by Everyday Speech offers preloaded social stories and accompanying questions to help children focus on common interactions, emotions and social situations. There is even the ability to create personalized stories and questions to further develop situations specific to a child.

TeachMe Toddler 5 Star App! - Giveaway ended
Giveaway for 18 free copies, valued at $0.99 each. Ends April 12

A wonderful learning app for toddlers that teaches numbers, letters, shapes, colors, phonics and counting for only $0.99. Children will enjoy earning stickers after a certain number of correct responses, and parents and teachers will be impressed with the customization options.

TeachMe Kindergarten 4.5 Star App! - Giveaway ended
Giveaway for 30 free copies, a $1.99 value. Ends April 13

A must-have educational app for children learning basic handwriting, addition, subtraction and early reading skills. This customizable app allows children to level up to more challenging lessons as well as buy stickers with coins they earn for correct responses.

TeachMe 1st Grade 4.5 Star App!
Giveaway for 16 free copies, a $1.99 value. Ends April 17

A must-have educational app for children learning basic handwriting, addition, subtraction and early reading skills. This customizable app allows children to level up to more challenging lessons as well as buy stickers with coins they earn for correct responses.

Even Monsters Get Sick and Even Monsters Are Shy
Giveaway for 5 copies of each book app. Ends April 17

Monsters are so much more than big and scary creatures. Did you know they have feelings? They can even get sick. Busy Bee Studios has two fantastic book apps staring little boys and their monster friends. In Even Monsters Get Sick and Even Monsters Are Shy, children will meet and fall in love with two big monsters who are dealing with human problems.

Teach Me 2nd Grade 4.5 Star App!
Giving away 11 free copies. Ends April 17

A wonderful app for testing skills like spelling, addition and subtraction on a second grade level. The vast amount of content is enough to both keep your kids occupied and satisfy your pocketbook.

Preschool Academy
Giving away 10 free copies. Ends April 17

Do you want a game for preschoolers with bright colors and a variety of skills? Preschool Academy provides practice with hand/eye coordination, problem solving and listening skills

Five pound weighted blanket from Got-Autism - Ended
One blanket worth $111.95. Giveaway is for U.S. Residents Only. Ends April 18

Some children use weighted blankets to sleep with, while others just use it for calming. It becomes a security blanket for many children with autism to use. Heather S. has had students that just want to curl up under it during a break, while others enjoy having it on their lap while working.

Autism Language Learning series 1 & 2 - Ended
Giveaway for 3 free copies, a $30 value Ends April 18

Both apps in this series feature real-life video clips, data collection, recording and customization options. Appropriate for children with a variety of receptive and expressive language delays, these apps are versatile enough to be used with a wide range of ages.

CHAT Bag Giveaway - Ended
Ends April 19

The winner will get their choice of 1 CHAT bag for iPad ($35 value) or iPad mini ($30 value). The wonderful folks at CHAT bag have offered to ship the winning bag worldwide. Anyone can enter!

Teach Me 3rd Grade a 4 Star App! - Ended
Giving away 17 free copies. Ends April 18

There is a terrific amount of content to keep the little user occupied and engaged. It has smooth functionality of a very well built app. There is also the ability to have multiple accounts and to be able to manually advance to new levels is a real plus.

Smiley Sight Words - Ended
Giving away 20 free copies. Ends April 19

Smiley Sight Words teaches high frequency sight words to your child. It is perfect for use in classrooms too as you can input as many as 40 users. Teach over 1,600 common sight words arranged from Dolch, Fry, Pinnell-Fountas, UK, Australian and many other commonly used sight words lists. Create up to ten custom lists and ten shared custom lists. This is a well designed app with awesome customization features at a very reasonable price

Sight Words Pro - Ended
Giving away 19 free copies. Ends April 19

SightWords Pro is an amazing app to help with the trickiest of words in the English language. This app has been compiled from all the top early-reading lists to truly give the budding or struggling readers extra support and help. Children can practice over 1,600 essential sight words.

TimesTables (Multiplication Tables and Drills) - Ended
Giving away 21 free copies. Ends April 19

TimesTables (Multiplication Tables and Drills) is easy to use and offers a variety of tools to help children learn and practice their multiplication skills. Children can work on specific sets of numbers or random problems from zero through twelve. As children advance, they unlock quizzes, earn achievements and can climb the leaderboards.

Eleven Great activities from Indiana Teaching Bloggers -Ended
One lucky winner gets a pack of resources valued over $40. Ends April 24

Some great teaching bloggers from Indiana have graciously donated some printable activities for 1 lucky winner! These great bloggers make and sell their products on Teachers Pay Teachers, but they want one of you to receive them for FREE. Activities that practice telling time, reading fluency, graphing and for tracking behavior are included.

TocoMail — Safe Email for Kids - Ended
Giving away 10 one year premium subscriptions $29.99 value. Ends April 24

This app is great for any child wishing to keep in touch with family or friends easily. Children get to feel independent and can begin to develop safe cyber-practices while the parents are able to manage and protect their emails.

Build and Play 3D - Planes, Trains, Robots and More
Giving away 20 free copies. Ends April 27

Whether building a robot, a car or even a boat - creators of all ages will enjoy the clever and brightly colored app Build and Play 3D - Planes, Trains, Robots and More. Fingers can travel across the screen and choose whichever creation is desired or players can work through each design, experimenting as they go!

Build and Play 3D - Rockets, Helicopters, Submarines and More
Giving away 20 free copies. Ends April 27

Build and Play 3D - Rockets, Helicopters, Submarines and More allows children to build and assemble twelve colorful vehicles anywhere and you don't have to worry about losing parts. The toys rotate automatically to make it easy for kids to build on their own. Once a toy is built, your child gets to play with it in an animated background.

Build and Play 3D - Planes Special Edition
Giving away 20 free copies. Ends April 27

A child does not have to be an airplane enthusiast to enjoy this special edition planes app. The developers at Croco Studio took their 3D puzzle apps to new heights with 10 creatively designed airplane characters. From a little yellow prop plane, to a streamlined jet, to Santa Clause and a witch plane, kids will love assembling and taking each plane on a test flight.

Dr Seuss's ABC app
Giving away five free copies, Ends April 27

Not only do children get the full text of Dr Seuss's ABC book with this incredible app, they get professional narration, engaging sound effects and the ability to explore words. Dr Seuss put lots of thought and creativity into each of his stories, and this app lives up to his standards.

Powerhouse Education's iPad Cover
Giving away 3 free covers, not available for sale. Ends April 28

With magnetic and band closures, this sleek and durable case is ready to be used anywhere. A full sized tablet (iPad 1, 2 and 4) fits easily within the iPad Cover. There is even a hole in the back cover for the camera. Slide your iPad in, secure it and take it wherever you are going.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Mini-Tin Assortment
Giving away one mini-tin 6-pack, valued at $18. Ends April 28

Stretch, pull, snap, squish and bounce this putty for some crazy fun! These mini tins are the perfect size to stack, store, and carry along to keep hands busy anywhere. One lucky winner in our giveaway will receive Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Mini-Tin Assortment of six different colored putties!

Key Word Kids -- a 4.5 Star App
Giving away 20 copies, a $23.99 value. Ends April 29

Bottom Line: Key Word Kids by Language And Learning Steps Pty.Ltd covers a multitude of skills. From developing language and comprehension to retaining and using information, this app delivers. There is enough content as well as ease of use to be beneficial in both a home or therapy environment.

Laureate First Words -- a 4.5 Star App
Giving away 10 copies, $9.99 value. Ends April 29

Laureate First Words aims to teach children, especially those with special needs, 50 common first words in developmental order. This highly customizable app is able to be tailored to fit a child's specific needs. With the ability to create unlimited user profiles and generate detailed reports this app would be perfect in speech therapy, but could also be highly beneficial in a home setting.

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