Monday, April 14, 2014

Becoming a stronger advocate

I am still early in my journey as a parent of a special needs child. As I watch my son grow and progress I also see where he needs me to advocate on his behalf. When my son first received a diagnosis of Aspergers, I had no idea how to advocate. Initially, I was not sure what assistance there was for him, let alone how to advocate for it.

I recently came across this quote from Matt Bentgzen, the father of two children with Aspergers, “I smile every day watching my own kids grow and blossom, and the more they progress, the stronger an advocate I become for those who don’t have a voice.” I realized, though I don't know everything, my ability to advocate will grow as my son progresses. As his parent I do not need to know everything from day one. I just have to be willing to grow and learn along with him.

Rachel H is preparing to attend her son's second IEP meeting. She feels much more equipped this time than she did last year.

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