Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Featured App and Giveaway - Speech Sounds for Kids: Perfect for Speech Therapy and Early Literacy Programming

Our month of giveaways is just getting started! Multimedia Speech Pathology has developed an app perfect for speech therapists that also has wonderful content for teachers and parents working on phonics, phonemic awareness and auditory discrimination. Separate versions are available for the US and Australia. Explore 22 consonant sounds using a multi-sensory approach. Currently discounted for a limited time, this app is a must have for those working with preschool and early elementary students on speech sounds and/or emergent literacy skills. Download it now or enter to win a free copy below.  

If you would like to download Speech Sounds for Kids (iPad only), please show your support for Smart Apps for Special Needs by using the handy links provided:

Lite - US Version, Free                                           Lite - Australian Version, Free

Full US Version, $12.99                                         Full Australian Version, $12.99

No ads or in-app purchases. External links to email and a YouTube video by the developer.


I was impressed by the detail and versatility of Speech Sounds for Kids. This single player app allows you to add as many as nine student profiles at a time. Each of the 22 consonant sounds is represented by a Sound Buddy. Explore each sound buddy individually and then you can begin to combine sound buddies together for work on discrimination and correct productions at the sound and word level. Results can be recorded and sent through email to the student's speech therapist, teacher or parents.

Each Sound Buddy has four sound activities and five word activities. Learning of each sound is facilitated in five multi-sensory ways. The lips icon allows you to view (and hear) a child saying the sound. The hand icon demonstrates a video of a hand cue to accompany each sound. A Sound Story can be found under the book icon which explains how the sound is produced through a fun animated tale. Listen to the sound with the ear icon and practice the sound with the microphone. The word activities teach listening/auditory discrimination skills with coloring and matching games. Students can also practice copying the sound with a model or saying it on their own. Correct and incorrect responses can be charted in the copying and saying sections. All productions can be recorded and saved.

Once all the Sound Buddies have been explored, you can choose combined sound or combined word activities. Select two to four Sound Buddies at a time and work on a variety of phonemic awareness and auditory discrimination tasks of sounds and sounds in the initial position of words.

"Who Said That Sound/Word" targets auditory discrimination.  Children listen to a sound or word and must then identify the corresponding Sound Buddy. The sound or word can be presented by touching the ear icon each time or you can choose for a new sound/word to be delivered in two, three, or five second intervals. Discrimination skills are crucial for my speech students, and this is an easy way to practice with exactly the sounds they are working on. This section is scored automatically and results can be found on the My Statistics page.

The "Match the Sound/Word" activities are matching games that can be customized by Sound Buddy and number of tiles. In the sound version, the name of the sound buddy is heard when the first card is turned over and when the match is found the target sound is heard. In the word version, the beginning of a sentence is heard and when the match is located, the target word completes the sentence. This is a great way for speech students to practice maintaining their target sounds in simple phrases and sentences. I love that you can select your targets and vary the difficulty by changing the number of tiles.

"Copy the Sound/Word" and "Say the Sound/Word" activities round out the games. Again, all responses in these sections can be recorded and marked as correct or incorrect. You can even record two different responses and have the student compare which one sounded better. This is such a valuable feature for speech therapy sessions. A pen icon is available for a teacher or therapist to make a note after scoring a sound or word. All data is stored on the My Statistics page for each student.

In addition to the fabulous activities, the folks at Multimedia Speech Pathology have included a highly detailed 25 page manual that can be accessed within the app. It contains step-by-step instructions for all tasks as well as helpful hints, information about research and other resources.  If you'd rather not read through a lengthy manual, click the link for their YouTube video tutorial.

Speech Sounds for Kids is a fabulous speech therapy app that goes a step beyond to include phonemic awareness skills that provide a foundation for learning speech and literacy skills. Enter the rafflecopter below or take advantage of the discounted price.

Giveaway will end on April 10th at 6 pm EST. Winners will be announced on Facebook and contacted by email. Please check your email that is related to your Rafflecopter entry.

Winners have been chosen. Giveaway is closed.

Winners of the 3 Australian Versions are - Aunty Dale, Joanne Boyd, Jodie Booth

Winners of the 3 US Versions are - Kelly Vitug, Helen Wagner, Anh Dang

Codes will be sent through email later this evening. Thank you for entering. Check out our many other giveaways going on.

Sarah is avoiding a stack of paperwork by playing with this app.  Smart Apps for Special Needs was paid a fee for this sponsored post.


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