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Featured Apps and Giveaway: Autism Language Learning series 1 & 2

Looking for apps specifically designed to work on functional language skills including pronouns, yes/no questions, action verbs and more? The Autism Language Learning series by Talk Time Pediatric Speech Academy has you covered. Both apps in this series feature real-life video clips, data collection, recording and customization options. Appropriate for children with a variety of receptive and expressive language delays, these apps are versatile enough to be used with a wide range of ages. Take advantage of the discounted price or enter to win as part of this generous giveaway.

If you'd like to purchase theses apps, please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking on the links below:

Autism Language Learning - Lite      Autism Language Learning
Free (iPad/iPhone)                             $19.99 (iPad/iPhone)

Autism Leanring Learning II - Lite    Autism Language Learning II
Free (iPad/iPhone)                             $9.99 (iPad/iPhone)

Series I contains an in-app purchase for creating custom modules.  External links to email.


The Autism Language Learning series consists of two apps. These apps were designed by Speech Language Pathologists to help children with receptive and expressive language impairments as well as improve functional language use.

Autism Language Learning Series I allows you to select from five modules as well as a create your own custom module which is available through in-app purchase. Users can work on verb + ing targets alone or in sentences with singular male or female, plural or mixed pronouns. Once a module has been chosen the user selects a student for the exercise. Students can be added under the Data Tracking tab. You can choose to leave the "select a child" section blank and still use the slides for instruction or practice.

I love that this app is appropriate for instruction and assessment of pronouns and verbs. During therapy sessions the written text can be viewed at the top of the screen along with the word or sentence produced verbally. When you're ready to assess, the text can be turned off and the verbal can be muted from each module's homepage. Correct and incorrect buttons are represented in green and red at the left of each video. This method of data collection allows you to distinguish between the correct and incorrect pronoun and verb. A record button is also available on each slide. This is a great feature as immediate auditory feedback is so useful for my students.

There are 60 target actions in 160 total video clips. Clips feature real life children and adults in common settings and situations. Users must click "next" at the bottom of each slide to move on which gives an opportunity to ask follow up questions after each video. Action verbs and pronouns are the main targets, but this app can also be used for wh-questions and general vocabulary development. The realistic videos make it an app that can grow with your child.

Autism Language Learning Series II features a similar layout to series I. Questions are divided into three modules: Common Objects, Actions and Common Facts.  There are 13 pictures and 43 video clips. Users can be easily added under the Data Tracking tab. Select one of the three modules or design your own custom module to begin. 

Each module features visual representations of yes and no.  Yes is represented by green with arrows pointing up and down. No is in red with arrows pointing side to side. You can choose to enable a visual prompt that makes the correct answer flash for students just beginning to learn this concept.  There are options to show the text and/or mute the voice over. These features enable you to control the difficulty level of the task. Again, this is an app that can be used with a wide variety of ages.

For each correct answer, visual and auditory reinforcement is given. The visual reinforcements are pictures of happy or excited children and the auditory feedback is applause. If a student makes an incorrect choice, the app prompts them to "make a different choice" or "try again". There are no negative sounding buzzers or sound effects.

Both apps provide data collection that can be easily emailed to the therapist, teacher or parent. The functional real-life videos make these apps ideal for students with autism, but both would be valuable to anyone working with children with receptive and expressive language impairments. Enter to win a free copy in the rafflecopter below.

The giveaway will end April 18th. Winners will be posted on Facebook and notified by the email connected to the Rafflecopter entry. 

From iTunes for Autism Language Learning Series I
•Developed by a speech-language pathologist
•Uses functional, real-life VIDEO, not still pictures
•Appropriate for children with receptive and expressive language impairments: autism, developmental language delays, Down’s Syndrome, and more…
•Improves functional language use
•Targets 60 actions with 91 novel video clips & 160 total clips start to finish 
•Teaches expressive language concepts of verb + ing, singular pronouns + is + ing, plural prounouns + are + ing
•Also great for teaching simple wh questions (who, what, where), possessive pronouns, and past tense verbs (wait for video to stop playing)
•Data collection of pronouns and verbs

Also Includes:
•Rhythmic voice output to improve attention and increase ease of production
•Option to mute voice
•Record/play option
•Limited background noise to avoid echolalia of irrelevant speech
•Option to view written text

Description of Student Use:
Student chooses a module (modules are listed in a hierarchy from easiest to most difficult). A short video clip plays with voice output (i.e., “He is climbing.”). The user may also choose to mute the voice (more difficult without a model). The student may choose to record their own voice saying the action or sentence. The user then hits the “next” or “previous” arrow to continue.

From iTunes for Autism Language Learning II
*A speech therapy app developed by a speech-language pathologist
*Appropriate for children with receptive & expressive language impairments, including autism, Down's Syndrome, developmental delays, and more...
*Uses still pictures and live VIDEO to help children learn how to comprehend and answer yes/no questions 
*13 pictures and 43 video clips arranged in 3 modules: Concrete Objects, Actions, and Common Facts

Highlights include:
*Data Collection
*Visual Depiction of yes/no
*Visual & Auditory Reinforcement provided after every question
*Option to use visual prompting
*Randomization of pictures and video (order is changed when a new module is selected)

Description of student use:
The user enters the student in the Data Tracking module, then selects the students name when a module is selected. A video or picture is viewed and a yes/no question is asked about the visual stimulus. The user selects "yes" or "no" using the visual yes/no buttons. The user may select the option to provide a visual prompt for assistance. If the user answers incorrectly, the app states, "Make a different choice" or "Try Again." When the correct answer is selected, visual & auditory reinforcement is provided.

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