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Featured Apps and Giveaway for Even Monsters Get Sick and Even Monsters Are Shy

Monsters are so much more than big and scary creatures. Did you know they have feelings? They can even get sick. Busy Bee Studios has two fantastic book apps staring little boys and their monster friends. In Even Monsters Get Sick and Even Monsters Are Shy, children will meet and fall in love with two big monsters who are dealing with human problems.

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Even Monsters Get Sick     Even Monsters Are Shy
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Even Monsters Get Sick has been on two of our most popular top lists Sarah's Top 10 - Making the Most of Book Apps and our Top 100 Apps for Kids. My kids both love Even Monsters Get Sick and were so excited when I showed them Even Monsters Are Shy. Both of these books truly stand out from the huge selection of ebook apps available. They have everything I look for in a book app as both a reviewer and a parent.

First off, the stories are adorable and extremely relatable to children. An app can have all the bells and whistles in the world, but if the stories aren't any good, why bother? These stories are fantastic! Each of these books is extremely well written, beautifully illustrated and loaded with fun mini games that go along with the story.

The little boy in both stories receives a huge pet monster. One is sick but is unable to communicate that he does not feel well to his friend. In the other, the monster loves playing with his friend, but gets so terribly shy that he misses out on big adventures. Kids are able to relate to both the boys in the story as well as the monster. These books can help when a child doesn't feel well or feels shy and anxious, as well as if they notice that another child seems to be having trouble.

In the first app, Harry can't figure out why his monster, Zub, didn't want to play. Was Zub lazy, boring or was something else going on? It is really fun to see how Harry tries to cheer up Zub and then helps take care of him and help him get healthy again.

In the newest app, Ben receives a monster, Gurk, as a birthday present. They have tons of fun together but Gurk hides and won't come out to play when other kids try to join their games. His monster was shy! You'll have to read to see how Ben and Gurk work through his shyness and all the fun they have together.

Beyond the story is all the bells and whistles you can imagine. The graphics are whimsical and top notch. Both apps feature entertaining sound effects and high quality narration. There is also the feature allowing kids to read for themselves. If a child chooses to read the story themselves, they are still able to click on the text to have it read aloud if they get stuck.

Throughout each app there are mini games to target visual spatial skills and following directions. Kids can toss balls to the monster to juggle as well as lead the boy and monster through a maze to find their home. Each game also pertains to the story line. Every page has little hidden features and animations for children to explore and interact with Zub and Gurk.

These are truly two top notch book apps. Children working on expressing their needs or showing empathy to others will both learn and have fun with these monster books.

Giveaway will end April 17th. Winners will be announced on Facebook and contacted by email. Please check the email related to your Rafflecopter entry.

The first 5 winners received Even Monsters Get Shy and the last 5 received Even Monsters Get Sick

From iTunes
Even Monsters Get Sick

The first in the Even Monsters (TM) series of StoryGame(TM) apps!

Kids read, listen, touch, play and interact with Harry as he struggles to find out what’s wrong with his new monster. Beautiful art, a custom soundtrack and full interactivity throughout keeps kids engaged and keeps parents raving about both the learning aspects and the endearing message built into “Even Monsters Get Sick.”

Readers and non-readers of all skill levels will enjoy the wide range of features in this interactive storybook. 

* 6 games that are intertwined with the storyline
* Activities and fun surprises on every page
* Teaches kids positive lessons about caring for others, and that everyone gets sick sometimes
* Read to yourself, or hear the story read by a professional child actor
* Full-color illustrations, interactive animations, and a custom soundtrack

Even Monsters are Shy
Kids read, listen, touch, play and interact with Ben as he tries to help his monster Gurk overcome his shyness, teaching him that sometimes it just takes a friend and a bit of confidence to turn things around.

Not just a story, the 8 games throughout "Even Monsters Are Shy" let the reader propel the action forward. Kids will target-shoot, bounce, dress-up, balance, juggle and more through not just the 8 games, but in the additional activities and surprises found on every page.

Features original music, sound effects, and a professional actor to bring the world of Monsters to life.

Part of the Even Monsters(TM) series that has earned multiple awards and accolades, including the Parents' Choice Gold Award, the Kirkus Reviews "Best of" pick, and more.

Rachel H was so shy as a young child she would only speak during class when her grade depended on it.

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