Friday, April 25, 2014

FREE App - Sammi Signs teaches basic sign language

Want to learn some basic sign language? Here is an adorable, animated app for you! Download this FREE app to meet Sammi and his best friend, Gracie! They'll take you on a fun-filled day at the park and your children will be learning new words as they play. This app features cute animation and the printed word is always provided. Head to the park with Sammi and Gracie today.

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If you would like to download Sammi Signs (iPhone/iPad, FREE), please show your support by using our link:

In-app purchases available for additional word lists.  External links to the developer's website.

Sammi Signs begins with Gracie at the park. Gracie introduces you to a lively character named, Sammi, who has a great ability to sign the word printed on the screen. The background music and voice can be turned on or off. You can continue through the list of words or pick a specific word from the word list provided. Some of the words include, park, play, friend, slide, all-done, swings, stop, share and help.

This app is great for the individual child who requires an additional method of communication. It is also kid-friendly for all students. Siblings or classmates can easily learn the signs for the park. The more kids who know the words, the better it will be for the individual who is communicating his wants and needs on the playground or at the park.

When you think your child has mastered the signs, there is a quiz! Sammi signs a word and 3 printed word choices are at the bottom of the screen. I was really impressed with the quality of the animation and sign. It is quite realistic and really cute. It is sure to be a hit with the kids.

The in-app purchase includes a link to additional word lists. Currently, a school list is available and a zoo list is pictured as coming soon. The school list is available for $3.99 and is password protected to prevent possible downloads. The external link goes to Sammi's website where you can learn more about learning to sign and the developers' program.

From iTunes:

Sign Language With Sammi Signs! Learn basic signs for words as Sammi and his best friend Gracie spend a fun-filled day at the park. Sammi uses sign language to communicate words like: Park, Play, Bird, Tree and so much more. Kids of all ages can also test their skills with the Word Learning Quiz. Sammi Signs is a simple to use fun tool for teaching kids basic sign language.


Wendy wonders why 4 day weeks seem to last forever!!  Maybe it has to do with chocolate overload from Easter!!

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