Friday, April 4, 2014

Giveaway for 5 lb. weighted blanket worth $111.95 from Got-Autism

Our giveaway for today is worth $111.95! When Got-Autism said they would give away a 5 lb weighted blanket, I was beyond excited. Many children enjoy the pressure that a weighted blanket provides. This is an absolutely perfect giveaway for Autism Awareness Month, and one lucky winner will have one in their possession very soon. Who wants one?

Some children use weighted blankets to sleep with, while others just use it for calming. It becomes a security blanket for many children with autism to use. I have had students that just want to curl up under it during a break, while others enjoy having it on their lap while working. No matter how a child uses it, the benefits are great.

Got-Autism's weighted blankets are hand made in the USA.

Here is what they have to say about the blanket that is being given away:

Our weighted blankets are made with non-toxic, washable plastic pellets. The pellets are evenly distributed in a quilted pattern so as to prevent weight shifting. Our standard blankets are made from soft blue fleece material.  For extra comfort these blankets may be warmed in your dryer or cooled in your freezer.  We are happy to make a custom blanket with a favorite color, character, sport themes, you name it!  Please contact us for a special price quote or for cotton twill fabric.  All blankets are machine washable.  The best weighted blanket for the money on the market! 
Hand made in the USA!

Who wants one for their very own? Get your entries in below.

Giveaway is open to U.S. Only, due to shipping costs. Giveaway will run through April 18th. Winners will be posted on Facebook and notified through the email address related to their Rafflecopter entry.

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Heather S. is always cold and stays under a blanket at home almost all of the time. It is a fact that every seat in her house has a blanket on it, except for the kitchen chairs.

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