Thursday, April 17, 2014

Giveaway for Build and Play 3D - Planes Special Edition

Get ready to soar with Build and Play 3D - Planes Special Edition by Croco Studio. My kids have loved all the Build and Play apps, and they both squealed when I showed them the latest installment in these fun 3D puzzle apps. The Build and Play 3D can be purchased through our links, but you enter to win a copy for FREE!

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If you would like to download Build and Play 3D - Planes Special Edition ($1.99, iPad/iPhone), please show your support by using our link:
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A child does not have to be an airplane enthusiast to enjoy this special edition planes app. The developers at Croco Studio took their 3D puzzle apps to new heights with 10 creatively designed airplane characters. From a little yellow prop plane, to a streamlined jet, to Santa Clause and a witch plane, kids will love assembling and taking each plane on a test flight.

Children can pick from ten different unique planes packed with personality. These planes have character, but they need help getting assembled. The puzzles go beyond the basic click together pieces of a flat jigsaw puzzle. Kids get to assemble on a 3D model. The pieces turn and rotate to allow the children to easily see where the piece they are adding belongs.

After assembled, the children get to take their plane on a test flight. The planes will flip and move as the children tap on the screen. It is a fun little reward for kids after working to piece together the plane.

This is a great app, but even better if you could win it for FREE!

Check out this fabulous video demonstrating all the fun in Build and Play 3D - Planes Special Edition

The giveaway will end on April 27th. Winners will be announced on Facebook and contacted through the email associated with the Rafflecopter entry.

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From iTunes:
Watch those creative minds take off with this stimulating fun new game from the multi-award winning team at Croco Studio. Packed with airplanes ready for assembly, this app is bursting with thoughtful designs and an engaging interface. Perfect for kids aged 3 to 6!

Our pilots are ready to fly, but we need some little mechanics to help us build the planes! Kids will learn to discover, play, solve and learn as they add propellers, wings, windows and wheels to create airplanes. Once the plane is complete watch it take off before trying the next one!

This special edition app includes:

- Beautiful custom designed 3D airplanes for kids to build.
- Bright colors stimulate visual development and fun toys inspire kids to learn.
- Easily sliding pieces perfect for children with still developing fine motor control
- Simple and engaging interface allows for uninterrupted play.
- Ability to turn sound and music on/off.
- Language neutral for universal appeal

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