Sunday, April 20, 2014

Giveaway for Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Mini-Tin Assortment

Stretch, pull, snap, squish and bounce this putty for some crazy fun! My kids thought it was Christmas when we opened and started playing with our six different putties available in this fantastic assortment. These mini tins are the perfect size to stack, store, and carry along to keep hands busy anywhere. One lucky winner in our giveaway will receive Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Mini-Tin Assortment of six different colored putties! An $18 value!

We are always working on my son's fine motor skills, and Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty has been an amazing tool. He pinches, shapes, and pulls and squishes to his heart's content, working to strengthen his hands and fingers while he plays. My daughter loves squishing and rolling it in her hand while she concentrates on her homework. She gets her fidgeting out without distracting herself. 

Unlike many putties, these have no bad smell. My son with sensory processing disorder, who is very sensitive to smells, had no issue with these having any odor. Having lost play dough lids and cleaned up moonsand bits all over the table, I truly appreciate that they do not dry out and are easy to clean up. 

One lucky winner won this 6 pack mini-tin assortment of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty! The giveaway ended on April 28. Winner was announced on Facebook and contacted through the email associated with the Rafflecopter entry.

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Here's your chance to try out 6 different styles!
This bouncing, stretching phenomenon can be squeezed, kneaded, snapped, stretched, and popped. Thinking Putty builds hand and finger strength through a fabulous tactile play experience with unique, unexpected properties and provides relaxing, yet stimulating interaction for children with ADHD, Autism, Fragile-X and other sensory integration issues.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty:
• Is gluten and latex free
• Never dries out
• Has no bad smell
• Is easily removed from solid surfaces
• Isn't goopy
• Is made of non-toxic silicone
• Is made in the USA

This assortment of six mini-sized 2" tins includes:

• Hypercolor: Twilight (deep purple shifts to fluorescent blue)
• Hypercolor: Sunburst (vibrant orange shifts to bright yellow)
• Hypercolor: Chameleon (tropical green shifts to fluorescent yellow)
• Hypercolor: Amethyst Blush (dynamic purple shifts to pink blush)
• Glow in the Dark Color: Krypton (hypnotic and irresistible)
• Electric Color: Emerald Green or Lapis (dazzling, sparkling, iridescent)
"Keep your hands busy with Thinking Putty and free up more space in your brain." - Crazy Aaron

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Although Thinking Putty is completely inert and non-toxic, it may present a choking hazard to children if placed in the mouth or if a child attempts to swallow the product. Use with adult supervision.

Rachel H wanted a hyper-color t-shirt back in the late 80's early 90's but never got one. 

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