Saturday, April 19, 2014

Giveaway for Dr Seuss's ABC app -- let children explore the zany alphabet Dr Seuss style

Dr. Seuss's ABC by Oceanhouse Media is an ebook version of the children's classic, originally published in 1963. In Dr. Seuss's irreverent style, the book takes the child through each letter of the alphabet using words that start with that letter. From Aunt Allie's Alligator through Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz, children will travel through the alphabet in a journey only Dr Seuss can create.

If you would like to download Dr Seuss's ABC ($3.99, iPad/iPhone), please use our link below to help support Smart Apps for Special Needs

You can also try a free sample of the book, including the first 10 pages:

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Not only do children get the full text of Dr Seuss's ABC book with this incredible app, they get professional narration, engaging sound effects and the ability to explore words. Dr Seuss put lots of thought and creativity into each of his stories, and this app lives up to his standards.

This app comes with all the top notch features users have come to expect from Oceanhouse Media apps. Children can click on the objects on the screen to not only have the name pronounced, but also the word spelled out on the screen. Tapping the camel on the ceiling on the C page lets the child hear the word camel and is shown "camel" printed on the screen. This helps both auditory and visual learners, as well as helping build a relationship between written and spoken words.

Not only can children click on the objects, but they can click on individual words to have them spoken aloud. So not only are children exploring the alphabet, but also how letters of the alphabet work together to form words.

This fantastic app offers a lot for the $3.99 price tag. However, we are also holding a giveaway for a FREE copy. So be sure to enter below for a chance to win.

The giveaway ended on April 27. Winners were announced on Facebook and contacted through the email associated with the Rafflecopter entry. Sign up for our NEWSLETTER so you never miss out on great deals like these again

From iTunes
Learn your ABCs with Dr. Seuss in this interactive book app for young readers! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and personalize the story with your own narration. From Aunt Annie riding an Alligator to the Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz, learning to read is an unforgettable adventure with Dr. Seuss!

Explore the Story:
- ENCOURAGE literacy skills with highlighted narration
- LEARN new vocabulary with tappable words and pictures
- RECORD your own narration & share it with others
- SELECT a scene with easy-to-use navigation
- KEEP kids in the story with parental controls 

Designed for children ages 2-6

Amanda had this all written up and ready to go. Then Rachel came in and managed to delete all her hard work. 

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