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Giveaway: TimesTables (Multiplication Tables and Drills) offers large toolset to help kids learn multiplication

Math apps are one of my favorite categories of apps right now. I have always loved math and try to instill that love into my children. One thing I have found is they seem to enjoy it most when they are comfortable and familiar with it. TimesTables (Multiplication Tables and Drills) by 24x7digital LLC does a fantastic job of helping kids learn and practice multiplication in a fun way. You can download now or enter to win a free copy in our giveaway below!

If you would like to download TimesTables (Multiplication Tables and Drills) ($1.99, iPhone/iPad 2x), please show your support by using our link:

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TimesTables (Multiplication Tables and Drills) is easy to use and offers a variety of tools to help children learn and practice their multiplication skills. Children can work on specific sets of numbers or random problems from zero through twelve. As children advance, they unlock quizzes, earn achievements and can climb the leaderboards.

There are two main sections, Learn and Play. The Learn section allows children to view flashcards, explore an apple orchard to visualize the multiplication process, and even print out paper worksheets. The Play section offers the opportunity to practice their skills through quizzes, challenges and drills.

Through flipping through flash cards, solving random problems, or competing in timed challenges and quizzes, children can familiarize themselves with multiplication. Each child learns differently and at their own speed so having such a vast toolset to pull from within one app is truly terrific.

One unique aspect from other multiplication apps is the child enters the answers through writing or by typing. Through writing, not only do children need to know the right answer, but they must be able to write it correctly in order to get credit. If they write a six backwards, it does not count. This is great to reinforce not only math skills, but to help with number formation and handwriting skills.

There is so much available in this easy to use app. The instructions are clear, the lessons are engaging and easy to follow, and the practice is challenging at the appropriate levels. The ability to choose which number sets to work on allows children to focus on specific areas or review larger sets of multiplication skills. This is an amazing deal at only $1.99 but don't miss the opportunity to win a copy for free!

This giveaway will run until April 19th at 5 pm EST. Winners will be announced on Facebook and contacted through the email attached to their Rafflecopter entry.

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TimesTables will help you master the multiplication tables! TimesTables has several learning tools including a talking 12x12 grid of math multiplication facts, variety of flash cards, and an apple orchard demonstrating multiplication and skip-counting. TimesTables also includes the ability to generate printable multiplication table worksheets.

TimesTables also has a variety of timed and scored drills for multiple players: sequential and random drill modes, challenge mode, and timed-quiz "fast-math" mode. Answers are entered via virtual keypad or TeachTech handwriting recognition.

Master your multiplications tables! This is a great way for parents to compete with their kids! See who can get the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time!

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